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Words About Words Book of the Month

Words About Words Book of the Month: An Introduction

Hi! Welcome to Words About Words’ Book of the Month (#WAWBookoftheMonth)! Every month we will both be reading and reviewing a selected book. The lineup for the rest of 2018 is below, and we will be posting about each new title on our social medias at the beginning of the month. You are more than welcome to join in and read the book along with us, or you can just check out our joint review when it’s posted on the last day of the month.


  1. Check out the hashtag! We will (hopefully) have one established.
  2. Comment on the blog posts.
    • Especially if you have read the book!
  3. TWEET UP PICS OF PUPPIES (Do not need to be related to books at all we just like cute animal pics).
  4. Tweet us suggested books for the next collection!

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 8.33.36 PM

Check out our 2018 Book of Month Reviews:
October: BOOK OF THE MONTH REVIEW: The Cheerleaders
November: BOOK OF THE MONTH REVIEW: City of Ghosts
December: BOOK OF THE MONTH REVIEW: Kiss Me in New York


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