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BOOK REVIEW: Listen To Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West 

Taylor Swift sings, “I-I-I see how this is gon’ go” and I really felt that reading this book. Kasie West’s books are always cute, fluffy, and don’t have a ton of depth. Which is fine, I tend to fly through and enjoy her books well enough. Listen to Your Heart falls right into this category, but it was just too predicable and featured some tropes I do not like which lessened my enjoyment. 


  • Diego was a sweetheart 
  • I liked the lake setting 
  • The whole podcast element was unique and probably my favorite part was seeing Kate grow through this experience 
  • The family dynamic with all the cousins living so close was interesting, if not fully developed


  • I hate when friends like the same guy and then have drama over that. I mean I know it happens, but that does not mean I have to enjoy it
  • This is basically a love square
  • The advice they give on the podcast is super general and I don’t know who would actually listen to this podcast except for the people at the school 
  • Kate is clueless 
  • There is so much miscommunication and the whole calling into the podcast just sort of adds to that
  • Nothing was fully developed except for the romance(s), which I would expect, but then why bring in so many subplots?

I would have liked this so much more if it was a hate to love romance between Kate and Frank because I think that would have been more interesting. The whole subplot of the rivaling families was pointless. Maybe, I’ll just look for a modern Romeo & Juliet retelling  set a lake (send me the fanfics people). I wish Kasie would have developed more of her subplots (or even just one of them) instead of relying on the romance to carry the story. I would have loved seeing the family interact more, the scene where all the main character’s are at Kate’s house with all the kids was one of my favorite parts. Overall, if you want a super quick read and enjoy Kasie’s books already, I would recommend this to you. Otherwise, there are better summer reads. 


xoxo, Tree 

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