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Fling Club by Tara Brown

Let me just say, this book was exactly what I was in the mood for when I picked it up. Initially, I thought Fling Club was going to be a cheesy, romantic mess, and to be honest, I was here for it, but it actually ended up being way more than that. The book starts off with Cherry Kennedy discovering her boyfriend cheating on her with her now ex-best friend, and with a little coercion from her siblings, a revenge plot begins to take shape. Enter Ashley Jardine, gorgeous MIT scholarship student with flexible morals who is in need of some money for the rest of his schooling. As the revenge plot ensues the chemistry between Cherry and Ashley grows and electrifies, creating a contrast between the realness of their emotions to the plastic fakeness of the Hampton’s elite social class.

What I Liked:

  • The chemistry between Cherry and Ashley is palpable and only intensifies as the slow burn heats up. There were a lot of adorable moments that I couldn’t get enough of, and then there were a few moments where I felt like flinging my Kindle across the room and yelling “TALK TO EACH OTHER YOU IDIOTS.”
  • There were more plot twists and turns than usually expected when reading a romance novel. The plot kept building way past what I was expecting upon starting this book.
  • I truly enjoyed Cherry’s little sister, Ella, as a character. She’s very much a badass, who doesn’t take anyone’s crap.

What I Did Not Like:

  • The “rich that hate on the rich” cliché that made an appearance here. I get that it’s a central pillar of the plot, but I just think the brother’s waxing on and on lays it on a bit thick for my tastes.
  • At some points Cherry is just the most weak-willed, spineless character I have ever met. I get that she has to start somewhere for character development to take place, but honestly, I don’t think she stands up for herself the entire book, and that just frustrates me to my limit.
  • Certain character’s snobbery and intolerance drove me nuts to even have to read about.

In the end I really did enjoy this book and I do recommend it to anyone who is looking for a romance novel with a little bit more plot than just raw sexual attraction. The sex scenes are intense, yet tasteful and not too much. The characters (for the most part) are well written and relatable. And as for me, I was hooked on the Cherry/Ashley ship from the very beginning. This book is exactly what I was looking for in when I picked it up, and I will definitely be reading the next book in the Serendipity series when it comes out October 23rd.

xoxo, Bree

*Thank you Net Galley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review*

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