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BEHIND THE SCENES: Sadie Photoshoot + Tips

September 22, 2018 12:00 pm

It was 92 degrees and yet, Tree was wearing an oversized sweatshirt in the sweltering sun. This was the only day they had free and they desperately needed to take photos for the Sadie post (check it out here). Unfortunately for them Southern California does not get much of an Autumn season, so they had to soldier (and sweat) on. (cries)


This was our first outdoor bookish photoshoot and this is what we learned (we still need to learn a lot please help)

  1. HAVE A PLAN: Think about what you’re going to wear and what poses you want to shoot. Let yourself be inspired, but have a game plan.
  2. Think about where the sun is going to be: At 12 pm the sun is going to be right above. Think about how this will impact your photos.
  3. Check the weather in advance: If it is going to be hot, bring water. Chance of rain? bring plastic bags to put your books in or stay in.
  4. Try a million different poses! You never know what will turn out best, and it’s always good to have more options, than less.
  5. Bring props, but keep it simple. If you are a bookstagram pro maybe you can handle 10 props, but in reality you’re probably only going to use a few of them. Also, keep in mind that you are going to have to carry everything.
  6. Be Creative: Use props you already have! The hoodie from the shoot has a GIANT logo on the front. Thus, we tried to be creative in covering Tree’s front. P.S. It’s a University of Wisconsin, Madison hoodie. Neither of us go to that college, but Tree really likes their basketball team. #GoBadgers

xoxo, Tree and Bree



6 thoughts on “BEHIND THE SCENES: Sadie Photoshoot + Tips”

  1. I love doing outdoor book photos for my blog, but I never go too far from my house. I used to go on photo hikes and it was also a pain trying to plan out which props and books to take. After a few too many book/prop mishaps I decided to do more indoor photos but I love taking my books outside once in a while!

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