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BOOK REVIEW: Heretics Anonymous

Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry
Audiobook narrated by Michael Crouch

Heretics Anonymous is the story of Michael, an Atheist high school boy that gets dropped into the middle of a Catholic school after his family moves across the county (again). He thinks all hope is lost on the friend front, until he meets Lucy. She takes pity on him and brings him into the fold of Heretics Anonymous; the misfits that don’t seem to align with the school’s idea of religion. They band together and strike out at the school’s archaic rules. Of course, havoc ensues, and all hope is lost but Michael never loses his warped sense of humor or his sarcastic wit. This book is entertaining and cleverly written.

What I Did Like:

  • The book’s take on religion is very accepting and well explained. The author doesn’t shove any religious ideals down your throat. The book allows the reader to decide what is or is not right for them religion-wise.
  • The narrator is amazing. He uses different inflections for each character, making each distinguishable and unique.
  • The snark and wit that went into the dialogue, both internal and external, is fantastic. Michael has such a unique POV and sense of humor. His word choices really made me laugh out loud.
  • Relays Catholic school well. (This tidbit is from my boyfriend who listened to the first few chapters with me and went to Catholic school for 9 years. Thanks Quinn.)

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Of the main cast of characters in the book, they only flesh out one or two of Michael’s new friends. I really wish they had included more scenes where he hung out/connected with the other HA members. It made me feel like they were only included as plot devices.
  • Honestly, I don’t have any other complaints. I actually struggled to come up with the one above too.


Overall, I think you will enjoy this if you like bold characters with clever wit. This book made me laugh out loud more time than I can count, and mostly it was due to the absurd way Michael would phrase things. Also, Heretics Anonymous describes religion in a way I’ve never heard before. It’s opened my eyes to the many different thought processes on the subject and each person’s belief, or unbelief. In the end I would recommend to anyone and everyone. I truly did enjoy this book. Also, in writing this review, I finally learned how to spell anonymous correctly, on the first try, so there’s that too.

5/5 stars

xoxo, Bree

Goodreads Link: Heretics Anonymous

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