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About a year ago I didn’t know what a book sleeve was or that something like that even existed. To me the book sleeve craze seemed to have come out of nowhere. I resisted for a long time (really, I did), but a while ago I finally gave in. I bought a sleeve, from Book Beau, the only seller I knew of at the time. And I loved it. Once other shops started popping up all over, I really wanted to know, “how were they all different from each other?” Anyways, fast-forward around 4 months, and I went a smidge sleeve crazy. I started making my own for fun, and then I went and ordered like 3 in the space of a week (it was bad). But finally, I figured I had collected enough for a substantial review. So, I hope you enjoy and maybe give a new shop a chance!

Ardent Admirations

Instagram handle: @ardentadmirations
Size: Indie (large) – $17.00 (+ shipping)


  • There are a lot of cute fabric combos for the inside and outside of the sleeves.
  • The sleeves are made from thick, sturdy foam.


  • Sizing runs on the small side.
    • The Indie size fits smaller hardbacks and larger paperbacks.
  • The shop does not have a regularly kept inventory.
    • It is stocked in weekly spurts that sell out pretty fast, so you have to be on your game if you want a specific sleeve.

Book Biff

Instagram handle: @bookbiff
Size: Standard (large) – $16.00 (+ shipping)


  • Cheaper pricing than some competitors.
  • Cute exterior fabric choices.


  • Sizing runs small.
    • The “large” size fits smaller hardbacks and larger paperbacks.

Book Beau

Instagram handle: @bookbeau
Size: Extra Large – $25.00 (+ shipping)


  • Very well know/popular
  • Has a large inventory of fabric and sleeve choices.


  • The inside is basic foam with tricot – no fabric interior.
  • Their customer service is less than satisfactory.
  • Sizing runs very small.
    • The XL size fits smaller hardbacks and larger paperbacks.
  • In my option, they are overpriced for their quality.

Books Breathe Magic

Instagram handle: @booksbreathemagic_shop
Size: Large (11 x 8.5) – $17.46 (+ shipping)


  • Tons of cute fabric options and combinations
  • Shop is always fully stocked with lots of sleeves


  • The pricing is the same for both of her sleeve sizes (10 x 7.5 & 11 x 8.5), which makes me feel like the larger size is the better deal, and therefore not go for the smaller size.
  • I find the side tag annoying (but this is honestly just a personal preference).

Created by Rae

Instagram handle: @createdbyraemn
Size: Large – $16.00 (+ shipping)


  • Uses flannel fabrics, which I find cute, cozy, & unique.
  • The inventory is always fully stocked with many options and sizes.


  • The foam that is used is slightly flimsier than I usually prefer.

Making Your Own Sleeves


  • There are tutorials all over the internet on how to make them.
  • It’s cheaper than buying from a shop.
  • You can pick whatever fabric combinations you want.
  • It’s a super fun and nifty craft project (one that I really enjoy doing).


  • There is a bit of a learning curve to making a perfectly symmetrical sleeve.
  • You need to have the right equipment and enough space.
  • You usually have to buy fabric in quantities that make more than 1 sleeve, which can add to the price tag.

Thanks for reading! I hope this was at least a little helpful!

xoxo, Bree

Shop Links:
Ardent Admirations
Book Biff
Book Beau
Books Breathe Magic
Created by Rae

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