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Some Of My Favorite (Lesser Known) Contemporary Novels

Eight Contemporary Novels That Need More Love

I love contemporary novels, they make up most of what I’ve read. I read for fun and to destress and these novels (usually) do just that. I realize upon writing this post that most people read contemporary novels in the summer and that posting this in Fall is probably not the most savvy thing to do, but here we are. Here are some contemporary novels that I think need a little more love. 

*note* These are not in any particular order, just the order my brain thought of them. Also, sorry for the minimal descriptions, but for contemporary novels I like to known as little as possible (sometimes this is a bad idea). But if you want more info, Goodreads exists. I’ll post the links at the bottom of this!

1. Autoboyography By Christina Lauren 

I saw this all over when it was coming out and even still see it around, but I feel like no one talks about how good this is? I cried reading this and loved every minute. The main character Tanner is bisexual and is trying to write a novel in a semester (NaNoWriMo vibes) while crushing on a guy who he should not be crushing on. 

2. I’ll Meet You There By Heather Demetrious

This follows a girl who can’t wait to leave her tiny California town and a boy who has just come home from Afghanistan because he lost his leg. To be honest, I don’t remember much about this book. I am just left with how much I loved reading this and how I could really feel that character’s plights. This one is not a happy one, both characters are dealing with a lot. I just really love stories where two characters are going through rough patches and help each other along the way. *Please check more recent reviews for triggers if you think this might be triggering for you*

3. Unclaimed Baggage by Jen Dolls 

This follows three teenagers who work at a store that sells lost baggage from airports. It is legal apparently. Doris is a liberal in an uber conservative Alabama town (loved this), Grant is an alcoholic who used to be super popular, and Nell is new in town. The three form a strong friendship and I loved seeing their character’s grow together. This is a novel about friendship and family. I also have a review coming for this someday. 

4. Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberly & Austin Sigmund Broka 

Every guy that Megan dates, falls in love with the person they date after her. She is a real life “Rosalie” from Romeo & Juliet. Coincidentally, she is also directing her high school’s production of Romeo & Juliet. I thought I was over high school romances but this proved me wrong in the best way. I was shipping the two characters SO HARD. Also, this is an author duo who have been dating since High School and just got engaged. They are so cute and even if you don’t read this, follow them on Instagram to experience their cuteness.

5. The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed

This is a powerful book that deals with female friendships, feminism, rape, and other tough issues in a real and heartbreaking way. It is raw, emotional, and important. It is not a “light and fluffy read” so keep that in mind. I read this awhile ago, so if you have any triggers, please look at reviews written by people who have read this recently.  

6. Just One Day by Gayle Forman

To preface this, this is one of my favorite books of all time. It has to do with the fact I was in such a similar place to the main character when I first read this. When I finished this the first time, I literally turned the book back to page one and started again. This is a book about Allyson who has been living her life to the plan she and her mother created. Then she breaks the plan, spends a day in Paris with a Dutch guy and the way she approaches life totally changes.  

7. Far From the Tree by Robin Benway

This book follows three siblings who were all adopted by different people and grew up never meeting. One of the siblings decides to seek out the other two and they all meet. It is an emotional and raw story about what it means to be family. I cried. A lot. There is a reason why this has won awards. TBH I only bought this because I had to buy a book at an author event and had no idea what any of the books were about; so I picked this up because my nickname is Tree and I am so glad I did. 

8. The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti

We follow our MC Quinn and her two sisters while they steal back all the stuff their dad has stolen from women he has dated. It discusses what it means to be family in an interesting way. To be honest, I would recommend going into this knowing as little as possible. There are sister dynamics, family dynamics, revenge, a road trip, and a little romance. I’ve read this multiple times and it is my favorite of Caletti’s novels. 

Honorable Mentions:
North of Beautiful by Justina Chen
Not the Girls You’re Looking for by Aminah Mae Safi

xoxo, Tree

In case anyone was wondering; I have given all of these books either a four or a five star rating.

Goodreads Links:
I’ll Meet You There
Unclaimed Baggage
Always Never Yours
The Nowhere Girls
Just One Day
Far From The Tree
The Secret Life of Prince Charming
North of Beautiful
Not the Girls You’re Looking For

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  1. Always Never Yours is one of my favorites too! I loved the characters and thought the story was masterfully written. I reviewed it on my blog not too long ago!

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