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BLOGMAS DAY FOUR: Rip it or Ship it Book Tag

We were not tagged, but this seemed fun so we wanted to take a crack at it!
Check out the creator of this tag: EmmmaBooks on YouTube.

If you don’t know what this tag is, basically a bunch of characters (we did around 30) are put into a box and drawn in pairs. Then we decide if we shipped it the couple or if we didn’t (ripped it). Since there are two of us, we only included characters from books we have both read. This limited our options a bit, but it was necessary to truly decide if the couple was compatible.

We asked for characters on Instagram and then added some of our own. Thanks to @the_wanderlust_book_dreamer  & @booksandravens on Instagram for suggesting some of the characters!


1. ANNABETH CHASE (Percy Jackson) & LINH CINDER (The Lunar Chronicles)

SHIP: They are both intelligent and brave women, but have different strengths which would make them awesome together.

2. NOAH CZERNY (The Raven Cycle) & PETER KAVINSKY (To All the Boys)

RIP: Noah would get embarrassed by Peter’s dramatic actions and Peter would not be okay dating a ghost.

3. CRESS (The Lunar Chronicles) & EMMA CARSTAIRS (Shadowhunters) 

RIP: Despite both having fabulous blonde hair; Emma’s tendency to jump into danger would stress Cress out and Cress thinks through things too much for Emma’s taste 

4. SIMON SPIER (Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda) & JEM CARSTAIRS (Shadowhunters) 

SHIP: Ultimate soft boiis (Also, Simon would dig Jem’s rune tattoos )

5. AMY CURRY (Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour) & TAYLOR EDWARDS (Second Chance Summer)

SHIPPP: Aside from being both from the Matson-verse these girls would be great together. They also could truly understand each other since they both experienced a similar loss (no spoilers here hehe)

6. SADIE HUNTER (Sadie) & PRINCE MAXON (The Selection) 

RIP: They might be both victims of abuse and we could potentially see them as a good couple for a bit, but they would not last. Sadie would dim Maxon’s light and even though he could be good for her; he has too much going on to fix her. Plus Sadie would not want to become a princess and would not want to deal with everything that comes with Maxon being a prince.

7. PERCY JACKSON & MAGNUS BANE (Shadowhunters)

SHIP:  Aside from Percy looking a little like Alec (black hair and blue eyes), Magnus would be into the whole demi-god thing.

8. KATNISS EVERDEEN (The Hunger Games) & TESSA GRAY (Shadowhunters)

SHIP: Not to compare Katniss to Will…but they have some similar traits. *cough* Moodiness and a fierce love for the people they care about. Also, Tessa is sweet and had to go through A LOT.  They could bond over their tragic pasts and live in a gorgeous country house.

9. LEO VALDEZ (Heroes of Olympus) & MEGAN HARPER (Always Never Yours)

SHIP: We totally see Leo making Megan laugh. Plus they could understand where the other is coming from. Leo often feels brushed aside and Megan often does not feel important enough for a happy ending.  They both question if they will ever find true love, but could find it with each other.

10. JULIAN BLACKTHORN (Shadowhunters) & AMERICA SINGER (The Selection)

SHIP: We see America fitting into the Blackthorn family and basically that is all Julian needs. Also, I could see America becoming a fierce Shadowhunter. 

11. LEVI NO LAST NAME (Fangirl) & OWEN OKITA (Always Never Yours)


12. HAZEL GRACE LANCASTER (The Fault in Our Stars) & RICHARD GANSEY III (The Raven Cycle)

RIP: Aside from both having death looming over them, Hazel is not going to be down to search for a Welsh King and Gansey is not going to want to hear about her favorite book. They are both passionate about a very particular interest and would not bend to learn about the other’s.

13. FRANK PORTER (Since You’ve Been Gone) & LUCY HUTTON (The Hating Game)

RIP: Let’s pretend they are the same age for this okay. But, they are too similar. In Since You’ve Been Gone, Frank is taking a bit of a break from being the “perfect Frank Porter” and he really flourishes in that break while Lucy would not want to take that kind of break and would be too stressed.


TRI: RIP: They would not fit into each other’s worlds.

BRI: SHIP: I don’t know man, I feel like they could be a good match. Blue is just so whimsical. She would be down with the whole body swap thing, as long as she didn’t have to deal with the fame too much, and Emerson would totally be into the whole talking trees, quest for the sleeping king.

15. CAPTAIN CARSWELL THORNE  (The Lunar Chronicles) & MARK BLACKTHORN (Shadowhunters) 

SHIP: Mark lived in Faerie and would not be overwhelmed by Thorne’s dramatic nature. Also, they have similar last names. #MeantToBE

16. CATH (Fangirl) &  ______

Dumb me (Tree) did not count properly so we ended up with an extra girl. Poor Cath, but of all of these characters, she seems like she would be most okay without a partner.

Thanks for reading! This was a lot of fun to put together. Comment below if you ship any of these couples!

xoxo, Bree & Tree 

Goodreads Links for the books/series mentioned:
Percy Jackson
The Lunar Chronicles
The Raven Cycle
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour
Second Chance Summer
Sadie  (We have two Sadie posts if you want to check them out HERE & HERE)
The Selection
The Hunger Games
Heroes of Olympus
Always Never Yours
Since You’ve Been Gone
The Hating Game

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