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I have been bingeing Mariana Zapta’s books all summer*  so they are starting to blur together (This does not mean I have not been enjoying all of them). However, Wait for It stands apart from the others (in a good way don’t worry). This is not a sports romance, even though the guy is a baseball coach and Diana’s nephew is on the team. It touches on family issues and discusses what it means to be a family. We have seen Diana as Vanessa’s best friend in The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and I am so glad she got her own story. 

*  I wrote this review in summer 2018 and am just getting around to posting it. I stand by my review and already want to reread this book.


  • Diana is such a real character, she tries (and fails) to censor herself around her kids and is really trying her best to be a parent
  • The themes of family and parenthood 
    • Typically books like this make me anxious about my future, but I was able to enjoy this story without thinking about myself 
  • How Diana teaches the kids morals and tries to be better for them
    • The scene where Josh explains why she risked her life to help others BROKE ME (hella cryptic I know, but trying to keep it spoiler free)
  • Honestly everything about Dallas, he was a little overprotective at times which isn’t my fave. But he still respects and admires Diana so much. He also respects Rodrigo’s memory and isn’t trying to encroach on that. 
  • JOSH AND LOUIE. I loved their different personalities and all their hijinks
  • Just basically all the family scenes and seeing all the familial relationships 
  • Tiny glimpses of Vanessa and Aiden 


  • I didn’t love that Diana was Sal’s cousin (Sal from Kulti) it seemed unnecessary and we did not learn anything new about Sal/Rey
    • Especially since Diana is already related to Vanessa (Wall of Winnipeg)
  • The beginning was slow and it takes a bit to find it’s groove. This could be in part that it took me a couple of days to get through the beginning because I was busy 
  • Everyone is related. Diana’s coworker is Dallas’ cousin…another one of their cousin’s is a character too. Plus a character’s grandma is a character too. 

Overall, I would recommend this if you like super slow slow burn romances where the characters have a deep respect for reach other. Also, if you like single parent romances. In true Mariana Zapata fashion, it is SUCH a slow burn and is just a super long book in general (it’s well over 600 pages). But, it is worth the investment. I have never cried while reading a romance novel, but I teared up at least three times at the end of this. 


xoxo, Tree 


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Goodreads Link: Wait For It

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