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My Favorite Authors to Follow on Instagram

One of my favorite things about Bookstagram is following authors. I initially just followed my favorite authors to keep up with their events and new releases, but now…I am following a bunch of authors who I haven’t even read their books. Some give good writing advice, some post pretty pictures that I like, some post cute dog pics, some post when they hang out with other authors, and yes they all post about their events and new releases too.


Second Disclaimer: I complied the photos for this post awhile ago so most of them are a little old.

Leigh Bardugo

Handle: lbardugo

What She Posts: Travel photos, fan art, farmers market photos, fashion (OOTD & features on specific pieces on her stories), and pictures from her writing spots.

Why I like following her: I just think she is cool and I want to be like her when I grow up. I also love her books so much (I still need to finish the Grisha trilogy before I start King of Scars though). She is currently on tour and I love seeing all the pictures from her signings.

Tahereh Mafi

Handle: taherehmafi

What She Posts: So much fashion, family pictures (many cute kids pics), and she answers A TON of fan questions on her stories

Why I like following her: Her and Ransom Riggs (her husband) are so cute and I love seeing her stories of her daughter. I also really like seeing her style, she experiments with a lot of cool pieces and always looks flawless.

Adam Silvera

Handle: adamsilvera

What He Posts: He just moved to LA so a decent amount about that, him with friends, he is also very transparent with his writing process, and posts lots about his books on the feed. 

Why I like following him: He is really fun and real and his stories just make me smile. I have been following him since before I read any of his books, but I enjoy his online content as much as his books.

Sophia Elaine Hansen

Handle: sophiaelainehansen

What She Posts: Quotes from her various WIPs, Bookstagram photos (taken by her and her fans), DOGS, life in New York City, she answers a lot of questions (about books, writing, or her life), and she is also very open about her struggles and successes and everything in between. 

Why I like following her: I really like her poetry and appreciate her honesty. I have no idea how I cam upon her account, but I am really glad I did. She is really active on Instagram and interacts with her fans/readers. Example: I DM’d her asking a question about this post and she answered and was really nice about it.

Morgan Matson

Handle: morgamat

What She Posts: Daily “waiting on Bux” posts (aka waiting for her Starbucks), SO MANY travel photos and she goes to some awesome places, pictures of her adorable dog, Murphy, and getting together with friends.

Why I like following her: She is one of my favorite authors and I like to be kept in the loop about her events and I enjoy seeing a glimpse of her life.

Aminah Mae Safi

Handle: aminahmae

What She Posts: So much cat content, stories of her watching classic movies, fashion, and about life in Los Angeles. She also really interacts with her followers.

Why I like following her: I met her at Yallwest and she was SO sweet. Also, see above: CAT CONTENT. She is also a newer author and I like seeing what her experiences in regards to that are.

Roshani Chokshi

Handle: roshanichokshi

What She Posts: About her super cute cat, Teddy, wedding planning updates (she is getting married soon), fashion, so many writing updates and some writing tips, and information about her new releases. She is currently on hiatus until her next release in April.

Why I like following her: Honestly she is one of my favorites to follow and I had not even read any of her books until recently. She posts funny captions for her stories and is very ~real~. I am in love with her cat Teddy.

amanda lovelace

Handle: ladybookmad

What She Posts: Pictures of her poetry, her cats, bookstagram photos, answers to a TON of fan questions, and poems from other poets on her stories.

Why I follow her: I am a huge fan of her poetry and enjoy seeing her poems on my feed. She is also super supportive of her fans by reposting their photos and commenting on pictures. Her cats are also beautiful and I love them.


Thanks for reading & please check out some of these authors!

As a shameless self plug, y’all should be following my on insta (@treereads)!

xoxo, Tree

Authors my Bookstagram Followers Recommend!
Kerri Maniscalco: @kerrimaniscalo
Lindsay Cummings: @authorlindsaycummings
Samantha Shannon: @say_shannon
Stephanie Garber: @stephanie_garber
Kandi Steiner: @kandisteiner
Sabaa Tahir: @sabaatahir

Also recommended, but included above: Morgan Matson & Leigh Bardugo

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Authors to Follow on Instagram”

  1. Oooh what a fun post! Tahereh Mafi is my favorite to follow. Those pictures of her family are the best and ahh their daughter is just too adorable😭 And Adam Silvera is great too! I’ll have to check out the other authors you mentioned. Thanks for sharing 💕

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  2. Loved this post! I agree with Tahereh Mafi and Leigh Bardugo, though I haven’t read anything by the other authors, which is why I don’t follow them 🙈 I also love following V.E. Schwab! Her Q&A’s are the best

    Liked by 1 person

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