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ROMANCE WEEK: Three Little Words + Brief Series Review

Three Little Words by Jenny Holiday 
Book Three in the “Bridesmaids Behaving Badly” Series 

CW: Discussion of eating disorders 

This is the third and final full length novel in this series. I learned about this series via the Ripped Bodice’s twitter when they were promoting the first book. If you love romance novels, or even like them a little, you should check this store out!

This series focuses on a group of four friends as they all start getting married. One character (not the protagonist) is the bride and the other three are bridesmaids in every single novel. All of the books have been focused around a wedding and are very entertaining and fun. I do recommend reading the books in order, but they could be standalones if you are not interested in one. Also, if you are going to read books one and two, you also need to read the novella. It is cute and to be frank, very smutty. Thanks to NetGalley, I have been able to read books two and three and the novella before they were released and have included my brief reviews for those at the bottom. 

I have enjoyed the first two books in this series, but Three Little Words is my favorite by far. I am not sure why, but within the first couple of chapters I was invested in these characters. I loved learning more about Gia and seeing everything that was going on inside her head. She never stood out to me in the other books and I was a little skeptical that I would not like her as a protagonist, but she shines in this book.  


  • Both of the main character have baggage which affects them in ways that make sense! They also want to help each other, but don’t want to save the other. It is a positive representation of an equal partnership.
    • They also are so understanding of each other’s problems. If they don’t know what to exactly say, they are still supportive.
  • I was shipping Gia and Bennett so hard and was invested in them getting together from the very beginning.
  • THERE IS A ROAD TRIP. I am trash for this trope. TRASH. 
  • What I have liked in all of the books is the bond between all the girls, they are such good friends and I love seeing supportive girl friendships in books. When Gia is reunited with her friends they are all so happy to see her. I just love female friendships in books okay. 
  • This is random, but the fact that they are from Canada. This book doesn’t even take place in Toronto, but the fact that they are all from there is fun
  • Bennett acknowledging his BOTH his white and male privilege. I loved when he said that. *clapping hands emoji*
  • I really appreciated how this novel deals with some serious topics and the characters had honest discussions about 
  • Bennett is very dreamy 


  • There is a scene where one of the characters wakes up the other by starting something sexual. In my opinion this gets into the gray area of consent, especially since they had not had a conversation about this beforehand.
  • The cover is not my favorite of the four. Bennett looks a tad creepy to me. Upon zooming in, Gia is the one who doesn’t look entirely natural to me. Least favorite cover, but favorite book of the series. 

As someone who reads as much romance as I do, I mean I don’t read as much as some bloggers, but I usually have to suspend some sense of reality while reading them. But, in this one…I was hooked and everything felt real. I was very invested in their relationship. I would highly recommend this one. However, I do think it is worth reading the two prior books and the novella beforehand which is a commitment. See my thoughts on those below. 

4.5/5 stars 

BOOK ONE: One & Only 

I rated it 3.5/5 and did not review it beside that. I did enjoy this one, but there wasn’t anything in particular that stood out to me. It was a fun time though. I love how Jane cosplays and is a novelist. This was my least favorite of the series.

BOOK TWO: It Takes Two 

I read this in one night and since I read it off my phone, my eyes hurt the next day. This was such a fun read. I really enjoyed how the romance developed over the course of a couple of months rather than a few days. Wendy and Noah have so many common interested and genuinely accept one another (eventually). 4/5 stars 

NOVELLA (BOOK 2.5): Merrily Ever After 

This was a super cute novella for this series. I liked seeing inside Elise & Jay’s heads and see cameos from the other characters and I don’t have any complaints. This would be the perfect read for a the holidays; when you want something quick and cute! The also are going through an difficult time in their marriage, which was interesting to see. It is super smutty though (which could be a pro or a con depending where you’re at). 4/5 stars 


Goodreads Link to Series: Bridesmaids Behaving Badly Series

    xoxo, Tree


*Thanks to NetGalley for an eARC (It Takes Two, Merrily Ever After, and Three Little Words) in exchange for honest reviews*


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