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BOOK REVIEW: Always Never Yours

Always Never Yours Review by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

I shouldn’t be writing a review for this. I mean I read it for the first time months ago, but I recently reread it and I just needed to talk about it. Bree and I both love this book so much, it made both of our list’s for top books of 2018 and we honestly talk about it so much.

We were lucky enough to revives ARCs of this book at Yallwest 2018. We were lame and did not realize until after that the AUTHORS were the ones who handed them to us (#fail on us). But we were able to properly meet them at Vronman’s in July so it’s all good. Plus by then we had already read the book so we were able to tell them how much we loved it. They are so nice and cute and I love them.

In Always Never Yours, We follow Megan, a senior in high school, who is a real life “Rosalie” from Romeo & Juliet. Don’t remember Rosalie? She is the girl Romeo dates before he meets Juliet and is barely present in the play. All the boys Megan dates (and there are quite a few) meet their forever person after Megan and them break up. Megan is mostly okay with this, but when she has to play Juliet in Romeo & Juliet to fulfill an acting credit, she starts reevaluating her life. This book features a flirty, unapologetic main character, a swoon-y love interest, and is sex positive. 

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  • Gosh the relationship between Megan and Owen. Before I read this I was almost ready to stop reading High School romances. I guess I had just read a bunch of bad ones because I was shipping the hell of these two characters. 
  • Megan is an amazing protagonist. She is unapologetic in who she is and proudly wears the label of class flirt. We don’t see a lot of girls like Megan in YA and I loved her for it. The fact she flirts with everyone is so much fun.
  • The banter between Owen and Megan; gosh Emily and Austin did such a great job
  • It is also super cute that Emily and Austin are together in real life (low key ship them even)
  • I loved that Megan’s family was so involved in the story and that her parents were real characters with problems of their own. Parents tend to disappear in YA, which I find very unrealistic. 
  • How Shakespeare is so present in the story, even though I am not a huge fan of the Bard himself, I LOVE stuff inspired by his work. Cough She’s the Man & 10 Things I Hate About You. 
  • The cover is also super pretty 


  • It can be a little cheesy at times and honestly it took me reading this three times to feel the cheese. 

The first two times I read this I had no issues with it. I mean it is a YA contemporary so if you have issues with the genre itself you will have more issues. This is a stellar YA contemporary and I am so excited for their sophomore novel, If I’m Being Honest which releases April 23, 2019. 

If you like YA contemporary even a little you should pick up this super cute book that features a headstrong flirty main character. I’m not even joking when I say, I recommend this book to anyone looking for a contemporary novel recommendations. 

5/5 stars obviously

    xoxo, Tree

P.S. If I’m Being Honest is our June Book of the Month so look out for a review at the end of June.

Goodreads Link: Always Never Yours


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