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BOOK TAG: The Avengers Book Tag

I saw this tag on Brianna The Bookworm’s page recently and in my post Endgame feels did the whole thing. Of course I did not make it into a full post when I wrote my answers down so that is why this is coming at you over a month after the movie came out.

I have an interesting relationships with the Marvel movies. I have loved some of them, but I have hated some of them too. I have a lot of other valid and petty critiques, but I will spare you. I have been watching these movies since Iron Man came out and I do love some of the characters/movies in this universe so much. I mean I still cried at least six times during Endgame. Endgame and the MCU truly changed how movies are made (from my non film person POV) and it was truly wonderful experiencing the creation of this world.

Also, as an LOL one of my friends thought Wonder Woman was part of the MCU and I did not have the heart to correct her because she seemed so proud of herself. So I get it if you are not a Marvel fan.

Anywho, here is the Avengers Book Tag!

IRON MAN – A book that made you laugh out loud

I don’t really laugh OUT LOUD much while reading, but The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren had me cackling. I was going to try to include books in this post that I don’t ALWAYS mention but failed with the first book oops.

iron man.GIF

CAPTAIN AMERICA – A book with a positive message

Dear Me at Fifteen by Jennae Ceclia

Lovely Seeds by Robert Swaney

Gmorning, Gnight by Lin Manuel Miranda & illustrated by Jonny Sun


THOR – A book with a character’s strength you admire

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. Puck is so strong and her stubbornness is great. Maybe I should have used a gif that shows Thor’s strength, but that didn’t happen.


HULK – A book that makes you incredibly angry

Lol I even hate talking about this book, but Pride & Prejudic and Mistletoe by Melissa De La Cruz. Gosh, I hated this book. I am all for a gender bent P&P, but a retelling needs to keep certain things consistent for the story to have the same impact. In addition to having an almost entirely different plot, it also just was also very poorly written.


BLACK WIDOW – A book with a kick ass female protagonist

The An Ember in the Ashes series! Laia is so strong and badass and is willing to risk it all for what she wants. Helene is also growing on me after Reaper.

black widow

HAWKEYE – An underrated book that people should pay more attention to

The Agency by Y.S. Lee. This is one of my favorite historical fiction and I feel like NO ONE talks about it. The Veronica Speedwell series has a similar vibe too, but isn’t YA. I highly recommend both these


Thanks for reading! Now I am going to go rewatch my favorite Marvel movies (not really because I am still emotionally damaged after Endgame).

        xoxo, Tree 

Goodreads Links:
The Unhoneymooners
Dear Me at Fifteen
Lovely Seeds
GMorning, Gnight!
The Scorpio Races
Pride & Prejudice & Mistletoe 
An Ember in the Ashes Series
The Agency Series
Veronica Speedwell Series

5 thoughts on “BOOK TAG: The Avengers Book Tag”

  1. I love the Avengers!! AHH! I didn’t know a book tag like this existed. I totally understand the Endgame feels… I watched every Iron Man movie afterwards… 😢

    Great post!!! 💙


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