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SUMMER SPRINT: Guide To [Catching up on your Goodreads Goal]

So, we are about halfway through 2019 (!!) First of all, how? Second how is that Goodreads goal looking?

We all have different methods and reasoning for how we chose a reading goal for the year and they are all valid. Honestly.

Here are some short books and some quick reads which can help you boost that reading goal, because let’s be real, we don’t want to wait until December when we are busy with the holidays to play catch up.


Specific Genres:

Poetry Books: It is so easy to fly through these. Here is a post we did on specific poetry recommendations: POETRY. In addition to those, we recommend Water Runs Red by Jenna Clare, see Tree’s review of this one here.

Graphic Novels: Usually reading comics feels like cheating your reading goal because the lower amount of pages, but with graphic novels you get heft and speed. For fans of The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyers did a graphic novel duology, Wires and Nerve and Gone Rogue. These two books follow Iko on her adventures after the events of Winter. Another batch of quick reads are the Lumberjanes comics. There’s currently 11 published volumes with two more on the way. This series follow a group of Lumberjane Scouts at summer camp. When things start to go magically awry it’s up to the girls of Roanoke Cabin to get to the bottom of it. Lastly, there’s the Scott Pilgrim series. This is good for fans of sarcasm, video games, and the deadpan. There’s 6 volumes, each about 200 pages long.


Romance Novels: If you get into a romance novel, they are easy to get through quickly. We did a romance recommendation post awhile ago, check it out here, but a lot of those are Mariana Zapata books and those are longgg. In addition to those mentioned on the post, Tree recommends: Tikka Chance on Me (a novella) by Suleikha Snyder and the Reluctant Royals Series by Alyssa Cole. Alyssa Cole’s series also has some novellas. Also, Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston (Check out Bree’s review here).

Middle Grade Books: Since these books are written for younger people they can be read really quickly. We recommend City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab, check out our review here.

Novellas: Many popular series have novellas that are set in the same word. Sometimes there are bind ups, like in the Shadowhunter-verse (The Bane Chronicles & Tales of the Shadowhunter Academy) or stand alone like in the Shatter Me series. Even some comteporaries have novellas. The Just One Day series has a novella that wraps up the series called Just One Night.


Specific Books:

The Wayward Children Series by Seanan McGuire
Tree was not the biggest fan of book one, but if you are looking for some short books with magic and diversity, check out this series.

A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews
This is a beautiful and heartbreaking contemporary novel with easy to read writing. It is only 276 pages and once you get into the story it is hard to put down. Tree read it in one sitting.

Wilder Girls by Rory Power
Even though this book is around 400 pages, it’s a very fast read. The story hooks you from page one and with all the suspense and mystery you don’t even realize the number of pages passing.


Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid
This is a beautiful short story that sucks you in. TJR is amazing at crafting characters that feel real.

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo
This is a contemporary novel told in verse. The audiobook is great and is only a bit over  three hours.

Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith
This is another contemporary novel that goes by quickly. It follows two teens on a train trip across the U.S.A. Warning: you will want to take a train trip after this.

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass
These novels are addicting in the best way possible. There are also some novellas which are in the bind up called, Happily Ever After

Dear Martin by Nic Stone
Bree listened to the audiobook version, but the book version is about 200 pages and flies by as Justyce‘s story unfolds through troubling letters he writes to Martin Luther King Jr.


Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough
This is a very quick historical fiction story told completely in prose. Check out Bree’s review of this one here.


How is your Goodreads Goal coming along? Do you have any short book recommendations?

   xoxo, Bree & Tree 

10 thoughts on “SUMMER SPRINT: Guide To [Catching up on your Goodreads Goal]”

  1. I actually *coughs* finished my goal last month and I changed it so maybe I could finish it at the end of the year??

    I’m sorry.

    ANYWAY, I would recommend the mini books like Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them- fake non fiction. (These may count as novellas idk) And if there’s a really long book you can’t finish audiobooks are great. You can catch up while working or cleaning! #multitasker

    Also read children’s books if you can. NOT CHEATING. Picture books, maybe. But other children’s books like Nancy Drew or the American Girl books count. Definitely.

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