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SUMMER SPRINT: Revisiting & Updating Our 2019 Book Goals

So in December we set a bunch of goals for ourselves in 2019. This post is us revising and evaluating our progress on said goals.

Here are the posts we did for our goals:
2019 Bookish Resolutions
BLOGMAS DAY SEVEN: NetGalley Goals for 2019

Thank goodness we made these posts because otherwise I would have forgot all of them!!


I’ve been pretty good about keeping my NetGalley Goals on track, albeit unintentional; so I won’t be discussing them today. Oh the other hand, my Bookish Goals are about 70% a gigantic wreck and 30% achieved.  So there’s lots to dwell on.

– Read at least 70  books in 2019: I’m actually way ahead of schedule, which is completely unexpected. (Thanks Lumberjanes) Last year I barely squeaked by my goal. I think I finished the last two books on New Year’s Eve. It was bad.
– Diversify types of reading literature: This hasn’t happened so much in the way that I was hoping/planning; that I would take up reading more nonfiction. Instead, I’ve still been reading all fiction, but I have started picking up a wider variety of things. (ex: graphic novels, mysteries, comics, horror, adult fiction, and audiobooks)
Plan and follow an actual TBR: This one varies from month to month. Usually I am a HUGE mood reader, so even if I set up a TBR I hardly ever follow it. But, I have been able to follow my ARC TBR more closely that normal; so I’m pretty happy about that.
– Make more bookish friends: This has maybe happened a little? I did go to a bookstagrammer meet up and it was quite fun. I’m hoping to see more of them in the future and maybe get to know them better.
– Write reviews more promptly after completing books: Unfortunately this hasn’t been happening. I have been taking extensive notes while reading though; so even if I wait a while to write the review, I can still write a coherent review. I actually posted a one the other day of a book I read back in April. Oops.
– Grow my book sleeve shop: R.I.P. It’s kind of dead in the water right now. le sigh.
Practice writing more: HA HA HA. This has not happened AT ALL and I mean, I had such good intentions too! But honestly? Writing stresses me out and I just don’t think it’s the creative medium for me. I’m much better when my brain is turned off.
Re-read some old favorites: Yes! I’m doing so good on this one! I reread the Selection series, the Hating Game, and I’m currently working on the Zodiac Quartet.



Here are my bookish goals for 2019 & my rough TBR
(I am doing pretty well with my NetGalley goals so I will not be discussing those here)

– Unhaul a lot of books: I have been doing okay with this! I did one massive unhaul which left me with about 50 unread books. I, um, have accumulated a few more books than that this year. I have been good about unhauling books I DNF or are only meh on. I just need to read more of the books I already own.
– Hit 1000 books marked as “read” on Goodreads: I DID IT!
– Keep a notebook where I keep track of all that I read with a comment or two: Yeah…I am failing at this. I got to my 39th read of the year and it was just a lot. I would basically just write what I put on Goodreads, but would do it way after I finished the books, so I forgot most of my thoughts.
– Utilize my library more: I have been pretty good about this. I have been placing lots of books on hold and have been requesting more titles that they do not have.

-The Throne of Glass series, reread books 1-4 and then read books 5-7: UM. I have not started this series AT ALL. But, I did buy book one at a used bookstore this week so I have no excuse.
-The Host by Stephanie Meyer: Nope
-The A Darker Shade of Magic Series, reread book 1 and then read 2 & 3: Book one is on the TBR for this month!
-Vinyl by Sophia Elaine Hansen: NOPE! But, she is also reworking this one, so now idk if I even want to read it right now.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Bree & Tree

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