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So, if you don’t know, Arc August is a reading challenge created and run by Octavia and Shelly over at Eat.Read.Repeat., and I found out about it from Ashleigh over at For the Love of Books. The point of this challenge is to help book bloggers (like myself) to catch up on their grotesquely large collection of Arcs they’ve been neglecting. We’re like hoarders with free books. It’s a really bad habit.

And Even though I missed the sign up cut off for Arc August, I’m still going to unofficially participate. I figured if I state it to the universe, it might actually make me stick to this eARC TBR this month. And Like every other book blogger/reviewer, I went a little heavy on the ARC requests in the beginning and I totally regret it now. So, with this challenge I’m hoping to pick up some of the slack and catch up on some titles! Most, if not all, of these books come out this month. (Eeep! Can you believe I’ve slacked off this hard?)

Arc August TBR

Here There Are Monsters by Amelinda Bérubé

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So, this is a creepy YA mystery/thriller and it pulled me in at first sight. The cover artwork is stunning, and the plot of the book is just spooky enough keep you on edge and wondering. I actually started this book on the first of the month and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! It reminds me a lot of The Missing Season by Gillian French.
Genre: YA Fiction/Mystery
Pages: 352



Let’s Call It Doomsday by Katie Henry

42800496. sy475

I read Katie Henry’s debut, Heretics Anonymous, last year and absolutely loved it. (review here) I have been screaming about it all year long and at anyone who will listen. I guess with this eARC time got away with me and it slipped through the cracks, even though I’m actually quite excited to pick it up! Katie Henry’s satirical style of writing entertains and delights anyone who picks up her books.
Genre: YA Contemporary
Pages: 400


House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig


I’m sure everyone in the book community has heard about this debut. This book is a fairytale retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Twelve sisters once lived in a castle by the sea, now only eight remain. As time goes on, Annaleigh starts to puzzle together her sisters’ mysterious demises and sets out to discover the truth for herself. I’m quite excited to have a little fantasy break in the middle of this TBR.
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 416


On the Corner of Love and Hate by Nina Bocci


For this ARC I was actually contacted by the publicist to review it because I had recently read (and adored) The UnHoneymooners by Christina Lauren. Anyways, this is a clear example of “I should turn down free books when people offer them because I have 12 million other book I need to finish.” But this is a romance book, so it should be a quick read. It also features an enemies-to-lovers trope, which I am always down for. (It’s legit the best romance trope!)
Genre: Romance
Pages: 336


Dear Haiti, Love Alaine by Maika & Maritza Moulite


This book caught my eye right away! It’s about a girl who gets suspended from school and is sent to Haiti to work on a “spring volunteer immersion project.” While in Haiti Alaine digs into her own families’ past, discovering that the history of her family is loaded with betrayals, superstitions and possibly even a family curse. This book is told in mixed media format, meaning it’s through letters, articles, emails, and diary entries.
Genre: YA Contemporary
Pages: 432


I also have a few library books that I would love to get through this month as well! (The Cruel Prince, Arabesque, and Spin the Dawn) What’s on you Arc August TBR?

xoxo, Bree

14 thoughts on “READING CHALLENGE: Arc August”

  1. I‘m also Team enemies-to-lovers trope! Good luck with your ARCS this month! I’m also trying to finish up some so I can read a bunch of backlist books. There isn’t enough time in the day

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    1. Oh gosh. I swear I haven’t heard a single bad thing about this series from anyone. It’s so weird. I’m definitely excited to read it though! I just knew I’d never survive the wait between each book if I read them as they came out.

      xx, bree

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