BOOK OF THE MONTH: We’re Trying Something New

So, were doing something a little different this month. Instead of picking one book for both us to read and review together, we are each going to write a mini review for our favorite read of September. We’ve been playing with this idea for a while because we haven’t been happy with how BOTM is going. Anyways, here are our recommended reads for this month.

Bree’s Favorite Read of September:

26032825So, I’m going to go ahead and pick The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, because it was so good that 3 weeks after listening to it for the first time, I checked out from my library again to re-listen. Basically, this is amazing because I usually need about 2 years in-between rereads. Also, there’s really no point in writing a full review, because I swear everyone has heard the hype about this series (FYI it lives up to it). I also listened to The Wicked King this month, so I am READY FOR NOVEMBER TO BE HERE. Anyways, The Cruel Prince is a theatrically elaborate book that you will readily let hurt you. (shhh, it’s okay.) The characters are SO stabby, but weirdly lovable? I don’t know, they all kind of remind me of feral cats that you want to shelter and take care of but they are also capable of soul deep betrayal and manipulation, so maybe be careful? Basically this me telling you to read this series or at least bump it higher up on your TBR.

Tree’s Favorite Read of September:

43125742. sy475 I enjoyed almost everything I read this month which is unusual. I think I only rated one book under 4 stars. Which is awesome and surprising if I am being honest. My favorite book of the month is getting a full review so I’m going to talk about my second favorite which was Tweet Cute by Emma Lord. I might be writing a full review for this one and if I do, pretend you did not see this post. I loved Tweet Cute so much. I was a bit hesitant because a lot of YA contemporary has been letting my down lately, but this one reminded me why I love the genre so much. It is very “with the times” and the teens talk how teens talk today. There are so many fun references and the main characters are so lovable. Tbh the characters were my favorite part and I loved the banter the had. Plus, the premise is super cute. I will say the synopsis gives away a lot, so if this book is on your radar, don’t read it and just read the book.

*Thanks to NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review*

On another note, we’d like to thank everyone who entered our 1 Year Blogoversary Giveaway, and congratulate our giveaway winners. They have been notified by email and have 24hrs to respond. Thanks for following! We’re looking forward to hosting more giveaways in the future.

xoxo, Bree & Tree

12 thoughts on “BOOK OF THE MONTH: We’re Trying Something New”

    1. It was super cute! It was very ~high school~ at times, just in case that is not your thing. But, if you like funny tweets, diners, and cute romances. I recommend it!

      Thanks for reading!

      xoxo, tree


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