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BLOGTOBER DAY TWO: The Simple Wild Book Review

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker
Publication Date: August 7, 2018

First of all lets just take a moment to appreciate the fact that even though I can’t find my Alaska photos from my trip in 2014, I had a few in a hidden Facebook album and I had one that looked just like the cover of the book? Meant to be. Okay, onto the review!

I was a little skeptical in picking this one up. I had heard nothing, but positive reviews about this one. Except Bree who was only meh on it. I had also heard that it was sad which is not always something I want to pick up. But I really loved this one and am glad those good reviews pushed me into picking it up.

*Also, there are minor tone/out of context spoilers below, because otherwise this review would just be me yelling about everything I loved.*


  • The slowburn & banter between the main characters. We all know I am trash for a good slowburn
  • That this is new adult (Before I started this I thought it was YA), but I loved seeing Calla being a woman in her mid 20’s (she is 26 and the love interest is 31)
    • also that she still lives with her parents and it is portrayed positively
  • The Alaskan setting and seeing Calla meet all these people and grow to be a part of the community
    • I also loved the planes and the airline
  • “Seeing” the Alaskan beauty
  • Calla’s emotions towards her dad were well done and made my heart hurt at times
  • Even though Calla could easy have been stereotyped into “dumb pretty girl” (and she was at times) she is so much more than that and it was important to me that Jonah saw that. I mean she is good at math and was an accountant.
  • When Calla is like YEAH I’LL MAKE A WEBSITE and casually does it in a few days
  • When her dad is like yeah, I ship it & I’m glad you two have each other *cries*
  • Jonah and Calla’s interactions and like the first time her dad sees them LOL
  • When Jonah makes her drive. I was pissed at him for a second until Calla realized the reason, he made her drive *cries*
  • That Mabel stalked her Instagram and then showed Jonah it lol
  • SIMON “Everyone needs a Simon in their life”


  • The focus on her being pretty without makeup, I got where the author was coming from. But she shouldn’t have been forced to stop wearing it. I will say it is dumb for her to wear makeup I while running, but a woman does not have to wear makeup because she is self-conscious about her looks. I think for this part of the plot to be done well; the author needed to have a bit more to fully flesh out the discussion
  • That her blog kind of fell to the wayside, but was still mentioned a lot? I wish we had seen her post more.
  • Calla at times was a little dumb and she is constantly getting put in her place by Jonah which was a bit *eyeroll emoji*


Overall this is a special book and I am so glad I picked it up. In addition to a solid slow burn romance we see a father-daughter relationship and see Calla grow. I read this book twice in the time I had it out from the library. I was only going to reread parts for my review, but it turned into me reading the whole thing again #oops.

4.5/5 stars, this was based on my first read and tbh might have to bump it up to 5/5 stars.


Anyways, thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tree

Goodreads Link: The Simple Wild


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