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BLOGTOBER DAY FOUR: Rip it or Ship it (Halloween Edition)

Welcome to Rip It or Ship It: Halloween Edition 

We did a twist on the original of this tag Basically, we picked a 20 characters and 20 costumes and put them into a hat. Then we drew names out in pairs and decided if we shipped or ripped the character/costume pairing!

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1. Cameron Bright (If I’m Being Honest) as a Cat/Kitten
SHIP: At the beginning of the book she would be a sexy cat, but later on she would probably be part of a group costume with her friends as the cast of Cats: The Musical.

2. Alex Claremont-Diaz (RWRB) as The Mad Hatter
SHIP: We see him 100% replacing tea with coffee and forcing all his friends to dress up as other Alice characters. Also, he would totally go all out as the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter.

3. Calla Fletcher (The Simple Wild) as a Scary Clown 
RIP: She would use Halloween as an excuse to look cute/sexy, but also go to town with her makeup skills. So scary clown would be off the table.

4. Prince Henry (RWRB) as a Ninja
RIP: We just don’t see it happening.

5. Kitty Covey (TATBILB) as a Cowgirl
SHIPWe can totally see Kitty begging for a cap gun (for her costume, of course) but then terrorizing her sister with the noise.

6. Charlie Grant (Save the Date) as a Crayon
SHIP: But, only if the rest of the Grant family dresses up as the remaining crayon colors. Yay for family costumes.

7. Samantha Madison (All American Girl) as an Elf
SHIP: We can see her either doing a fantasy elf or a Christmas Elf!

8. Tessa Gray (Shadowhunters) as a Zombie
RIP: We could see her dressing up for Halloween for her kids, but not as a zombie. Also, was Halloween a thing when her kids were growing up?

9. Elle Wittermer (Geekerella) as a Stromtrooper
SHIP: But only if there’s no bad blood between the Starfield and Star Wars fandoms.

10. Tiffy Moore (The Flatshare) as a Superhero
SHIP: We can see her either making up her own superhero (Tiffin Girl: preparing snacks for the hungry) or being some obscure superhero that no one but her knows about.

11. Peter K (TATBILB) as a Wizard
RIP: We can’t picture him as an old Merlin-esque wizard.

12. Ronan Lynch (Raven Boys) as a Vampire
SHIP: Yes, but a low budget one. I.E. cheap vampire fangs and a dab of blood, but no one can tell if the blood is fake or if it is even a costume.

13. Leon Twoney (The Flatshare) as a Firefighter
SHIP: We can see Leon accidentally buying a sexy firefighter costume and being embarrassed to wear it, but totally working it anyways. Tiffy would be delighted.

14. Emmoni Santiago (With the Fire on High) as a Hippie
RIP: Unless Babygirl wanted to, but otherwise she would put something quick together

15. Ty Blackthorn (Shadowhunters) as Elsa
RIP: We can’t see Ty picking this on his own, but if his family made him, perhaps.

16. Sebastian Brother (Autoboyography) as a Princess
RIP: He is not comfortable enough with his sexuality to cross-dress, and even if he was more comfortable being gay, he would not dress up as a princess.

17. Levi No Last Name (Fangirl) as a Police Officer
SHIP: He is so easy going that honestly most costumes seem like something he would do.

18. Stevie Bell (Truly Devious) as a Pumpkin
RIP: We think it would be cute, but she would definitely dress as a detective or someone from a murder mystery. She would continually have to explain her costume to people.

19. Tanner Scott (Autoboygraphy) as a Past President
RIP: We just don’t see it. Maybe a ninja? But mostly, we see him sitting at home watching horror flicks and hogging all the Halloween candy with Autumn.

20. Alec Lightwood (Shadowhunters) as a Bank Robber
RIP: We don’t see Alec dressing up unless Magnus really was pushing it. Even then, it would be a low budget costume. Like, “I’m a Shadowhunter. Why do I need  a costume?”

Do you agree with our answers? Let us know in the comments!

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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