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BEHIND THE SCENES: Cover Recreations

If you have not already checked it out, here is our cover recreation post which we spent over a year coming up with ideas and collecting photos!

BLOGTOBER DAY TEN: Cover Recreations/Book Inspired Photos

Even though we only needed a few photos per shoot, we ended up with too many good ones to not to share them all (plus some fun behind the scenes photos too)!

This Sadie shoot was a struggle. Besides it being the first shoot we did for the blog (AKA somewhat hectic and unorganized), it was also around 92 degrees Fahrenheit and Tree was suffering in that sweater. We ended up taking these photos QUICK due to the extremely unpleasant weather. Also, there’s a massive Wisconsin Badgers logo in the front of Tree’s sweatshirt, and that’s why the shots are all either from the side or Tree’s blocking her chest. You can check out our original BTS Sadie post here.

These photos were taken in front of a very narrow part of the wall and you can actually see some stored tables in the photo to the right. (Yay for cropping.) This is also Tree’s profile picture on her Bookstagram and Twitter.

We had so much fun at this shoot! This is actually the same location as the Sadie photos, but at the opposite time of year. (Thanks rain for the super bloom!!) This lovely fence is part of a hiking trail/walking path that many, many families were taking advantage of on this lovely day, and gave us lots of weird looks while we were carrying the guitar around. They also gave us weird looks while we were taking pictures. We were very caffeinated so it did not bother us (for once). Also, the photo in the top left MAGICALLY HAPPENED due to the wind and honestly we will never get that lucky with wind again. If you want to know what it is like being friends with Tree, here’s a prime example. She was recreating this vine half the time she was holding the guitar and laughing at herself.

So, this is actually the only shoot where Bree is in front of the camera, instead of behind it. (She’s too much of a control freak to let anyone else frame the shots.) These photos actually weren’t planned for this post, but after reading Well Met, Bree couldn’t resist, and she also already owned a corset and peasant top for her Ren Faire costume. So, why not?

While taking the Montauk photos Tree was not wearing shoes and she was stepping on SOME REALLY SPIKY PLANTS. It was also super windy so half the photos were wonky.

After the Montauk photos Tree changed her outfit in Bree’s car and wandered onto the dock. No lie, she thought these old men were going to tell us to get off the doc the entire time we were on it.

We wandered all around the Big Bear downtown trying to find the ~perfect~ spot for these photos and ended up on a random street across from a restaurant. Shout-out to the guy who was sitting behind the restaurant and could’ve looked at us but instead was very invested in his phone. We set up a tripod in the middle of the street and our ice cream was melting very quickly (it was very good). Also, we bought Bree’s sunglasses at the dollar store the day before (unfortunately we couldn’t find any heart-shaped ones) and Tree is wearing Bree’s spare sunglasses.

The only fun fact about this excursion is that a security guard told Tree not to put her foot up on the wall, and that we looked like tourists. But, GOTTA DO IT FOR THE BLOG. (Also, it was Bree’s birthday.)

The Alaska scenery photo is from 2014 and honestly only one of a few photos Tree can find from that trip. She needs to do a deep dive on her parent’s computer to find the rest. Her sister took the photo in the bottom left in front of their garage door where Tree was sweating and wearing her jacket. Bree’s boyfriend did some Photoshop magic to make the awesome final product!

A lovely selfie from our trip to take a bunch of these photos.

Thanks for reading!

     xoxo, Tree & Bree

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