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BLOG TOUR: All American Muslim Girl Review

All American Muslim Girl by Nadine Jolie Courtney
Publication Date: November 12, 2019

This review is part of the All American Muslim Girl Blog Tour so the formatting is going to be a bit different and there is going to be some details about the author and book

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Synopsis: Allie Abraham has it all going for her—she’s a straight-A student, with good friends and a close-knit family, and she’s dating cute, popular, and sweet Wells Henderson. One problem: Wells’s father is Jack Henderson, America’s most famous conservative shock jock…and Allie hasn’t told Wells that her family is Muslim. It’s not like Allie’s religion is a secret, exactly. It’s just that her parents don’t practice and raised her to keep her Islamic heritage to herself. But as Allie witnesses ever-growing Islamophobia in her small town and across the nation, she begins to embrace her faith—studying it, practicing it, and facing hatred and misunderstanding for it. Who is Allie, if she sheds the façade of the “perfect” all-American girl? What does it mean to be a “Good Muslim?” And can a Muslim girl in America ever truly fit in?

ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM GIRL is a relevant, relatable story of being caught between two worlds, and the struggles and hard-won joys of finding your place.

AAMG has received four starred reviews (from Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, BCCB, and Kirkus, who called it “phenomenal”). It is a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection. Publishers Weekly selected it as a Pick of the Week for this week. Barnes and Noble Teen called it “a remarkable entry into the contemporary canon.” And it’s a Barnes & Noble Best YA Book of November, a Barnes & Noble Most Anticipated Contemporary YA Book of 2019, and a Bustle Best Book of November.



  • This book is full of heart, you can tell the author is feeling strong emotions and thus the reader does too
  • I loved the relationships
    • Between Allie and Wells (cute!!)
    • Seeing Allie make and keep friends, I love friendship novels
    • Between Allie and her parents, it is a real look at parents, and I loved their vibe
  • The Sound of Music references
  • The discussions of Islamophobia and seeing how damaging people who think they are woke (but really are not) can be
  • Seeing the complexity of being passably white, but still part of a minority community
    • I personally could relate to this a bit since I am passably white, but biracial. Not fully, but I always love seeing biracial characters, especially when they do not look like one of their parents
  • I loved seeing her learn Arabic and wanting to be able to communicate with her grandma.
  • This book showcases that the minority experience is not the same for everyone. I know that most people know this, but the more diverse reads showing POC in different situations, the better.
  • Learning about Muslim culture and how feminist it is. Honestly, I did not know much of the specific of their culture and it was interesting to see.


  • I thought Allie’s progression of someone who rarely stood up for herself to someone who was calling out everyone went a little 0 to 100 real quick.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. I love books that discuss identity and this one does so beautifully. It has so much heart and is full of cute and meaningful relationships.

5/5 stars

Check out Nadine Jolie Courtney:
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Goodreads: All American Muslim Girl

Thanks so much for reading and check out this wonderful Own Voices Book!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I’ve only seen the title of this book going around, and I was thinking of adding it to my TBR so I’m glad to see that long list of things to love about it!

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