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BOOK OF THE MONTH: November Favorite Reads

So in September we decided to try something else for our Book of the Month posts. You can read more about it here and see what our September favorites were. We didn’t do one for October since we were doing Blogtober and it did not fit in with our scheduled posts. But we are back! See what our favorite reads were for November.

Bree’s Favorite Read of November:

35795940. sy475 So, I’ve read a lot of good books this month, which makes picking just one quite hard. My top reads from this month include Ninth House, 10 Blind Dates, Red, White & Royal Blue (reread), Tweet Cute, and the Queen of Nothing (of course), but I’m going to talk about Not the Girls You’re Looking For by Aminah Mae Safi. I actually got this book when it came out because I had met Aminah at Yallwest previously and got all excited about it. For whatever reason it got backlogged on my TBR, and I only just got around to binging it. This book follows Lulu and her tough-love girl squad, out to prove that girls can conquer the world too. With teenage angst and high school hijinks abound, this story is fast, fun, and incredibly snarky. Even though the friendships and dramas were a bit too catty/aggressive for my tastes, but I could see the love that lay beneath. The characters all seemed realistic and relatable in their mix of mature and immature moments. But, the worst thing about this book is that it’s been on my radar for over a year, and I only just realized that the title is a Star Wars reference. Shame on me.

Tree’s Favorite Read of November:

44284639. sy475 So I did a lot of rereads this month and I think we decided that we cannot chose a reread for this? I also read a lot of good books which is always nice. As a result I had a hard time choosing a favorite. My top reads of the month were Evie Drake Starts Over, Maybe in Another Life, Would Like to Meet, and Ninth House. I think in the end my favorite was Would like to Meet by Rachel Winters which coincidentally also has a main character named Evie. Amazingly, I was able to read this while I had a cold and still really enjoyed it. I typically cannot focus on books while I am sick, but this one kept my attentive. I really enjoyed the humor and the antics of the main character. It is a very PG romance which depending on your tastes can be a good or bad thing. I would recommend this book for those who like Sophie Kinsella’s books. What I enjoyed most about this book was that it was just a cute and fun time and plays off the unlikeliness of the “meet cute”. There are some plot devices that are used in a lot of rom com books, but this book is self aware and makes them seem fresh. I love meet cutes and seeing so many in this book was adorable and hilarious. I even enjoyed the kid in this book, I typically struggle with kids in romance novels because I feel like they are (mostly) all the same, but the one in this one is so cute and funny.

*Thanks so much to the publisher and Goodreads for an ARC of this copy*

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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