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BOOK HAUL: Books I acquired in January

Look I started the year thinking that I would be good and not really buy many books. That lasted oh maybe five days of the year! This year I am tracking all the books I buy, am gifted, and just acquire in general so hopefully that holds me accountable etc. I don’t have much space and am trying to unhaul books to friends, Little Free Libraries, work, and selling some on Depop (check out my shop here). But, anyways! Here are the books I accumulated this month!


Bookstore: Verbatim Books, San Diego

I visited this awesome bookstore when my mom and I spent the day in San Diego (ILY mom for letting me drag you to various bookstores) and I ended up with Crier’s War & We Should All be Feminists for a very good price! I highly recommend you check out this store if you are ever in San Diego. I mean when their sticker machine didn’t work they gave me free stickers.


Bookstore: Beach Town Books, San Clemente 

Bree and I made it to this bookstore while celebrating my birthday! I ended up picking up Queenie, which I am excited to read. This bookstore was cute and cozy and I hope to one day be back! She also ended up paying for it which was very sweet and unnecessary!

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One of my BFF’s gave me Lethal White for Christmas. I already have a copy, but tbh I don’t mind having two copies of this one. My same friend randomly got me a Call Me Irresistible from a Little Free Library by her house. For my birthday she also gave me three more romance novels that she enjoyed, The Great Escape, Waiting on You, & What I Did For Love.


Little Free Library

I found a copy of Just Mercy in a Little Free Library while dropping off a bunch of books. I am so excited to read this one because I have only seen rave reviews and there is a movie coming soon.

just mercy


I was lucky enough to get a copy of Mermaid Inn from Forever Publishing. I loved Jenny Holiday’s Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series and can’t wait to read her latest.

mermaid in


I have some credits to Amazon and picked up His Royal Highness on ebook. I had only read one other R.S. Gray book and it was fine. This was an impulse buy, but I ended up really enjoying it. His Royal Highness

Library Bookstore

My local library has a bookshop run by the Friends of the Library and they have a book sale once a month. I picked up Beautiful Secret (signed!) from the sale and two books from their shop. I picked up a finished copy of Fountains of Silence and a copy of Evie Drake Starts Over. I spent less than $7 on all three so I call that a win!

library bks

Book of the Month

My BOTM pick for January was When We Were Vikings. I have been hearing good things and love the cover. Can’t wait to see what I think of this one. As always, if you are interested in signing up for BOTM you can use my link and we will each get a free add on book!



I got a copy of This is All Your Fault by Aminah Mae Safi to share with a group of people. This is going to be a traveling ARC for all of us to read and review and I’m hyped. I love Aminah and am excited to be able to help generate hype around her latest.

this is all your fault


For my birthday my aunt gave me a copy of Women Who Launch for my birthday. I’m excited to read this one because I love learning more about historical women.



So I am taking a YA Fiction class so we have to read two YA books (one is Autoboyography which I already own) and the other is Reverie. So technically this one I needed to buy and it does not count towards my “buy less books” goal.



TOTAL: 18 (oof)

jan haul

Have you hauled any book recently? Are you on a book buying ban?


Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tree


8 thoughts on “BOOK HAUL: Books I acquired in January”

  1. Nice haul and great books! I’ve put myself on a book buying ban of sorts… I’m a part of a book of the month club still, so I get 1-2 new books monthly, but outside of that, I can only buy books that I have read, adored, and want to own to loan to others. It’s been working so far 🤷‍♀️😂


  2. I loved Crier’s War so much!! I hope you have fun reading those 🙂 I don’t have space so I rarely buy physical books and mostly rely on eARCs or recently on audiobooks subscription but there’s some special feeling in owning books on your shelf ❤

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