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BOOK TAG: Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt

I happened upon this tag a while ago and it looked like such a fun challenge, that I absolutely had to try my own hand at it. I don’t know who the original poster is, but I found it on Ally Writes Things.

[Side Note: Weirdly enough, a lot of these titles I didn’t even have to locate on my shelf.  ] mentally recalled that I owned them. I know i have a problem…]

1. Find an author name or title with a Z in it

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me – Mariana Zapata

29367958. sy475

This was honestly my first association, because how frequently does one of your favorite authors have a ‘Z’ in there name?

2. Find a classic

Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

7505716. sy475

Yeah, sorry. This is about as ‘classic’ as my library gets. I’m really not the biggest fan of old English dialogue or historical plots.

3. Find a book with a key on it

The Boy Who Steals Houses – C.G. Drews

40170373. sy475

KEYS!! This book not only have keys on the cover, it also has keys in the plot. Lots and lots of keys. A whole backpack full. [Also, if you’ve heard of paperfury, this is her sophmore novel, and you should check it out!]

4. Find something on your bookshelf that is not a book

Framed Halloween-themed Art Prints & Ceramic Witch Shoes


I love all things Halloween, and I to love collect adorable spooky/cute things. I don’t know, they just make me happy. I originally bought the witch shoes to act as bookends, but unfortunately they’re too light a weight to function properly.

5. Find the oldest book on your shelf

The Giver – Lois Lowry


Hahaha I don’t think I actually own any ‘old books.’ [This is the oldest one I could accurately date.] This book was a required school read for both me and my brother, so I inherited his copy when I hit that grade. This edition came out in 2002, but the book was originally publish 1993.

6. Find a book with a woman on it

Where She Went – Gayle Foreman


Funny story about my copy of this book. I inherited my copy from Tree and she had gotten it from a library book sale. So, point is, the book is stamped with DISCARD and has library info all over it. Well, a couple of years ago at Yallwest, Tree and I got the chance to meet Gayle Forman and get our books signed. So, were talking and she’s signing, and when she getst to my demented, disgraced copy she just laughs and asks if she can take a picture. I have to say, it’s a pretty unique copy now.


7. Find a book that has an animal on it

The Unhoneymooners – Christina Lauren


Okay, toucans are rare on covers, so I thought this would be better than something with a dog or cat or like domesticated pet. [Also, read this book. It’s hate-to-love romance and fake dating! Win-win!]

8. Find a book with a male protagonist

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life – Bryan Lee O’Malley


I could have picked other books, but I didn’t. This is probably the most “guy-ish” literature that I own though.

9. Find a book with only words on the cover

Speechless – Hannah Harrington


This is the only book I could think of when I read the prompt. I like my covers pretty, so that doesn’t really leave space for “just word” covers. This one has a really pretty pearlescent sheen to the white, in case you were wondering.

10. Find a book with illustrations in it

The Queen of Nothing – Holly Black

26032912. sy475

I love all the little drawings in this book! From the detailed world map, to all the fun chapter headers and divider pages. All the illustrations are charming and really add an extra layer to the story.

11. Find a book with gold lettering

Strange the Dreamer – Laini Taylor

36204267. sy475

This was one of my top reads of 2019, but it gave me such a bad book hangover that I’m still procrastinating on reading Muse of Nightmare and finishing the duology. That ending was very traumatic.

12. Find a diary, true or fictional

How to Be Popular – Meg Cabot

1022884. sy475

Not really a diary, but the MC finds a guidebook on how to become popular, and the book is like a log of her account as she implements its rules. So, close enough, because I don’t own any ‘diary’ books anymore.

13. Find a book written by an author with a common surname (like Smith)

Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones


It was a book before it was a movie! Read it! There’s actually quite a few differences that make it interesting. Like Sophie actually has two sisters, not one, and there’s a whole side-plot where they switch identities with magic. It’s wild.

14. Find a favorite childhood book

Fablehaven – Brandon Mull

44652. sx318

Mysterious magical forests filled with monsters, fairies, witches, centaurs, and all things magical? You bet I ate this series up.

15. Find a book on your shelf that takes place in the earliest time period

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein – Kirsten White


I had to look this up, but Victor Frankenstein was born in 1770, and the beats even my tome of Brothers Grimm tales by a few years.

16. Find a hardback book without a jacket

The Last Olympian – Rick Riordan


I didn’t even have to look at my shelves for this one. I know I only own two hardbacks that don’t have dust jackets. This one I inherited from my brother and it was the only hardback of the series and he’d misplaced the dust jacket at some point. [I eventually I happened upon a good condition used paperback copy and completed my set. I haven’t had the heart to toss this copy though.]

17. Find a teal/turquoise colored book

Always Never Yours – Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka


Not green. Not blue. Just Teal.

18. Find a book with stars on it

Black Moon – Romina Russell

28529955. sy475

It’s a book about space stuff and astrology, weirdly enough. Also, this cover is hella pretty and I just love forcing unsuspecting bystanders to look at it.

19. Find a non YA book

Things You Save in a Fire – Katherine Center


Women’s Fiction, what a weird genre name. Also, I recommend this book! [Read my review of it here.]

20. Find a book with a beautiful cover

Circe – Madeline Miller [UK edition]

32993458. sy475

This is my favorite cover cross my path in the last couple years. It’s absolutely gorgeous in person because all of the bronze foil detail and the intricate paisley design. The undercover is also stunning.


Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Bree

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