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ROMANCE WEEK: Couple Rip It or Ship It

Honestly, we have manipulated/altered the original Rip It or Ship It tag so many times. We just have so much fun coming with new twists and versions. So, this time instead of deciding if we ship a couple together, we’re deciding if an established book couple would go on a randomly chosen date activity and whether we “ship” or “rip” the combination.

1.   Alex & Henry  (Red, White & Royal Blue) on a   Rock Climbing   date
SHIP: We can totally see them doing this in Alex’s home state, with gusto too. (Well, if there’s rock climbing in Texas…It’s a big state so, probably.) And Alex would totally be the catalyst in this and drag Henry along with him.

2.   Peter K. & Lara Jean   (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) on a   Coffee & Bookstore   date
RIP: Peter would not like this. He is not a fan of reading, and therefore would ask LJ to leave like 10 minutes in.

3.   Levi & Cath   (Fangirl) on a   Zoo   date
SHIP: We see Levi having to go for a class assignment and bringing Cath along as a date. Cath wouldn’t be into it initially, but then would enjoy Levi’s enthusiasm as he lists off facts for all the animals.

4.   Alec & Magnus   (Shadowhunters) on a   Pottery Painting   date
RIP: Neither of them have the patience for this activity. Alec would get frustrated and smash his, and Magnus would just *poof* a finished vase into existence.

5.   Cress & Captain Thorne   (The Lunar Chronicles) on a   Go-Karting   date
SHIP: They would totally do this! Thorne would try really hard to beat her, but Cress’s slow and steady technique would totally beat him. Then he would brag about how Cress wiped the floor with him.

6.   America & Maxon   (The Selection) on a   Mini-Road Trip   date
RIP & SHIP: In their world a road trip of any kind would probably be too dangerous (even though Maxon always wants to see more of his kingdom and the world in general). It would require too much security for them to actually do this, but we want them to be happy okay!! So, we could totally see them doing this if they were in our world!

7.   Lucy & Joshua   (The Hating Game) on a   Cooking Class   date
SHIP: Joshua likes to cook, so we can totally see them doing this. Joshua would be trying to show-off to max for her and Lucy would trying to swipe tastes when his back is turned.

8.   Ivan & Jasmine   (From Lukov with Love) on an   Escape Room   date
SHIP: They would both be too competitive to work together, and therefore wouldn’t be able to actually escape. We also head cannon that Jasmine’s mom would buy them the gift certificate to do this because they would not pick this to do themselves.

9.   Jude & Cardan   (The Folk of the Air) on a   Yoga Class   date
RIP: We can’t possibly imagine either of them doing this, let alone doing it together, but it’s quite funny to try and picture them attempting it! Jude would keep asking where the swords are (especially if it was flow yoga) and Cardan would be almost too flexible and rubbing it in Jude’s face.

10.   Khai & Esme   (The Bride Test) on a   Snorkeling   date
SHIP: We can see Esme really wanting to go and see all the fish and Khai  going, not because he likes the ocean or the beach, but because he wants to make Esme happy and expose her to new experiences.

11.   Calla & Jonah   (The Simple Wild) on a   Try a New Food   date
RIP: They would not go out for new food, but Jonah would definitely bring random Alaskan food home and make Calla try it.

12.   Sana & Rachel   (Tell Me How Your Really Feel) on a   Movie in the Park   date
SHIP: They actually do almost this exact thing in the book, so basically the perfect date for them!

13.   Cameron & Brendan   (If I’m Being Honest) on an   Art Museum   date
RIP: We can’t see them turning up at an art museum, but maybe at a local gallery showing of one of Paige’s friend’s art?

14.   Pepper & Jack   (Tweet Cute) on a   Scavenger Hunt   date
SHIP: They would both get a little too into it and make a super elaborate hunt for each other. It would definitely be cooking themed too.

15.   Kaz & Inej    (Six of Crows) on a   Beach Day   date
RIP: Kaz gets PTSD at the beach and wouldn’t take off his gloves…so no no no. Worst possible choice of date for them.

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