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ROMANCE WEEK: Hate-to-Love Romance Rec Quiz

Okay, this is very much modeled after all the magazine quizzes I took as a child. I thought it would be fun to dissect a few of my favorite hate-to-love romances, and construct a recommendations quiz for y’all, in honor of Valentine’s Day. So, Take this Quiz if you’d like to find out which hate-to-love romance you should read!

Hate-to-Love Romance Rec Quiz

1. What activity do you choose for a date with your extremely hot nemesis?

A.) Snorkeling 
B.) Paintball
C.) Karaoke
D.) Ice skating
E.) Renaissance Faire

2. I wouldn’t mind if my extremely hot nemesis was:

A.) A Math Person
B.) A Publisher
C.) A Prince
D.) An Athlete
E.) A Teacher

3. My extremely hot nemesis enjoys:

A.) Traveling
B.) Cooking
C.) Coffee
D.) Being Competitive
E.) Leather Pants & Clipboards

4. I’d like to kiss my extremely hot nemesis:

A.) On a beach
B.) On a strawberry farm
C.) Against a portrait of Alexander Hamilton
D.) On a couch surrounded by animals
E.) In costume

5. My favorite romance trope (besides hate-to-love) is:

A.) Fake Marriage
B.) Rivals-to-Lovers
C.) Enemies-to-Friends-to-Lovers
D.) Slow Burn
E.) Nope, I’m good with just Hate-to-Love


HtLRRQ UnhoneymoonersHtLRRQ The Hating GameHtLRRQ RW&RBHtLRRQ LukovHtLRRQ Well Met

No matter which book you got, I highly recommend adding all of these hate-to-love romances to your TBR!

xoxo, Bree

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