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BOOK REVIEW: Tweet Cute [+ monster cake attempt]

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord
Publication Date: January 21, 2020

So, I absolutely loved this book. It was quite addicting, really. I think I finished it in two sittings? Tweet Cute is the story of a corporate twitter feud between a big chain burger restaurant and a neighborhood deli. The two teens behind the accounts face down, slinging sarcastic pop-culture memes at each other, lighting the internet on fire with their viral feud. Unbeknownst to their Twitter alter-egos, Pepper and Jack are actually becoming friends in the real world. Mishaps and mistakes abound when their online lives collide with their everyday lives (and in the most public way possible).

What I Liked:

  • I really enjoyed the characters. (Well, mostly just Jack and Pepper .)  They’re both realistic, relatable, lovable, and the chemistry between them is fantastic. I found myself laughing over their witty back-and-forth for most of the book.
  • The witty back-and-forth banter really deserves its own bullet point. It’s just so entertaining and fantastic. I live for good sarcasm in literature, TBH.
  • A lot more happens in this book than I was expecting. The storyline is quite complex for a contemporary (especially a YA contemporary), and everything flows together perfectly. The story shifts, and you don’t even really realize it.
    • Even the romance of the MCs has multiple steps of evolution, which was a refreshing change from the insta-love cliché that’s quite popular.
  • Another unexpected element of this book (that I loved) was how FOODIE it was. After the first ‘arc’ the plot becomes a mastermind of crazy kitchen concoctions that I’m dying to get recipes to.
    • Emma Lord actually released the recipe for her concoction, Monster Cake (a confectionary disaster featured in Tweet Cute), because so many readers were requesting it. As a fun side project, I actually tried my hand at baking some myself! (Pictures below) It was quite good, but very sugary and very, very addicting.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Nothing??? Yeah, that’s about it.


Overall, Tweet Cute is a fantastic fun, foodie read, with a complex story and great character chemistry. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the pages are filled with relatable jokes and spiky sarcasm. I recommend this book to anyone who likes more complex contemporaries, or plots that make you HUNGRY. I’ve already picked up my own copy and can’t wait to do a reread soon.

4.5/5 stars

xoxo, Bree


*Thank you to Edelweiss+ for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review*

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