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In 2019 we tried to buddy read a book each month and then jointly write a review for each. It worked great…until it didn’t. Mainly life got in the way and both of us suck at sticking to TBRs. So we decided to try something different this year. Instead we are going to share our favorite reads from each month. We have no idea why we combined January and February (possibly lack of planning?), but we’re just gonna roll with it now.


51178403. sx318 sy475 So I’ve started  the year off with pretty strong reading numbers (yay!). Unfortunately most of the them are rereads because my Mood Reader brain has been feeling nostalgic. Anyways, that basically leaves me with a handful of ARCs that I managed to plow through (yay again!). My favorite of the bunch was More Than Maybe by Erin Hahn, which is a super cute & fun contemporary that is way too bingable. I flew through it in 24hrs, and definitely missed a couple hours of sleep for it. The main characters, Luke and Vada, are absolutely too cute, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole “secret crush/fangirl” thing they had going on with each other. It was a refreshing change from my normal diet of hate-to-love romances. I also loved the music industry backdrop and zany retired musician characters that are the framework of this book. It’s such a different setting from the one seen in Erin Hahn’s debut novel, You’d Be Mine (review here).

*Thank you Edelweiss +  for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review*


Know My Name: A MemoirI’ve been reading like a maniac in 2020. I am taking a YA Fiction class and thus am reading a ton of YA. I messed up on the dates for an assignment a few weeks ago and had to read five books in a week. It was fine. I’ve actually read a lot of good books so it is a bit hard to pick just one. I have reviews coming for a few of the books I’ve read and enjoyed and even though it is not a requirement to pick a book that I won’t review elsewhere, I figured I would chose a book I might not otherwise talk about, but still loved. (Was that a run on sentence?) Anyways, that book is Know My Name by Chanel Miller. Chanel is a survivor of sexual assault and this is her story. You might know her from her victim impact statement which went viral after being published on Buzzfeed. I was blown away by her statement, I mean I literally remember where I was when I read it, and her book is just as powerful. It is such an important and heartbreaking read about trauma and surviving. I am so proud of her for writing her story and urge you all to pick this one up. Trigger Warning for sexual assault.


Thanks for reading! What have been some of your favorite recent reads?

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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