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BOOK TAG: Reading Habits Book Tag

I found this book tag on Mindy Erxleben’s blog a while ago, and have been saving for a rainy day review-less day [which is today lol]. It looked comprehensive and I thought it would be fun to try.

Reading Habits

• Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

Not really? I tend to read wherever is comfortable. I do have a few specific spots that I only ever use for reading. My favorite one is a loveseat that catches the setting sun at a good angle. Super cozy.

• Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I used to be the random object for a bookmark type of person, but then I bought a cute set of bookmarks from Rustic Pages Co. and they’re too convenient and adorable. not to use

• Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/certain amount of pages?

Like 99% of the time I will try to get to a break point before stopping, but if I’m not super into a book I can just put it down whenever.

• Do you eat or drink while reading?

Drinking yes, because I mostly use cups with lips and straws, so I don’t really have to pay attention to them. But eating is usually a no, unless I can eat the snack one-handed and it’s not messy. Otherwise it’s too easy to get look away and loose my place and the flow of the book.

• Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

I can do music, but I have to be in the zone/mood for reading otherwise it just distracts me. TV or even hearing somone’s conversation from the next room makes it hard for me to focus a book.

• One book at a time or several?

It’s always several at a time, no matter how hard I try. It usually ranges from 2-3, but I frequently accidentally get up to 4. It’s bad, and almost always leads to a book slump.

• Reading at home or everywhere?

I haven’t been getting out as much lately, but when I was in college I read all over the place. Anytime I had some time to kill, I’d pull out a book and plop myself down in a nice sunny spot.

• Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Oof no to the out loud thing. I constantly screw up my own sentences, I don’t need to butcher someone’s art like that. Plus, I have a whole theater production going on in my brain when I read.

• Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

Yes. No. Kind of? So, I’ve only ever skipped forward to make sure that a character I’m stressed about doesn’t in fact die. Like I just open to a later section of the book and scan the page for the character’s name, then close it as soon as I’ve found reference they’ve made it through whatever had me stressed. BOOKS MAKE ME ANXIOUS OKAY.

• Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

HOW DARE YOU. You never break the spine on purpose. A broken spine is the sign of a well-loved book. It’s hard to keep something pristine if you’ve read it a billion time and carried it with you everywhere.

• Do you write in your books?

Nope. I have for school, but I never find it appealing for my own library. I’ve tabbed a few of my poetry books, but I don’t really love that either.

Read-a-bit Questions

• When do you find yourself reading?

Whenever I can find the time. I listen to copious amounts of audiobooks, fitting them into when I’m doing mindless tasks/chores. I also tend to be a night owl, so I binge a lot of books when I’m up at night.

• What is your best setting to read in?

A quite afternoon with cozy weather, where I sit on my loveseat and my boyfriend is out of the house so he can’t interrupted my reading.

• What do you do first – read or watch?

I usually try to read it first, but I feel like I always end up liking both adaptions more, when I watch first, then read. I think I’m disappointed more often when the movie-visual doesn’t match up with my book-mental picture.

• What form do you prefer? Audiobook, E-book or physical book?

OOF. I really love reading physical books and absolutely sinking into a different world for a little bit, but I CONSUME SO MANY MORE AUDIOBOOKS. I’m tracking my 2020 book stats after Tree’s inspired post, and currently my intake is 63.2% audiobooks.

• Do you have a unique habit when you read?

I don’t think so, but I do a lot of face-resting-on-hand positions.

• Do book series have to match?

YESS!! At least cover design-wise. I would prefer all my series pick one format and the rest follow suit, but past me was not as wise as current me. So instead, I have multiple signed mixed-format series.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Bree

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