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BOOK TAG: The Quarantine Book Tag [ORIGINAL]

Not to make light of a serious situation, but we thought this would be a fun way to connect to people in this difficult time. We’ve created a few questions centered around staying at home and keeping people up to date on how/what we’re doing. We hope y’all are staying safe in these crazy times, and please do the tag if you feel so inclined!


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  • Don’t stress and have fun! (& also stay safe!)

1. Favorite reading spot at home?

Bree: Recently I’ve been reading a lot in my ‘reading nook’ AKA the loveseat couch that’s tucked against a window.

Tree: My bed!

2. An unread book in your physical TBR?

Bree:  Chosen by Kiersten White. I went to one of the tour stops for its release in January and I’ve been quite amped to read it since then. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet because I can’t quite remember how Slayer ended…

Tree: Well let me check the 85 I own…Once I finish the reading for my YA Fiction class, I really want to read The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Daré.

3. A book you’ve actually read from your physical TBR pile?

Bree: Size 14 Is Not Fat Either by Meg Cabot, and Size 12 Is Not Fat, last month.

Tree: American Panda by Gloria Chao

4. Next book release you’re hyped for?

Bree: I’m really excited for the release of Wibbroka’s third book, Time of Our Lives. [Out Tuesday April 21st!]

Tree: The Switch by Beth O’Leary! I won an ARC from Goodreads & have already read it, but I can’t wait until it’s out in the world!

5. Favorite bookish world to escape to?

Bree: Totally cheesy, but I love escaping into the world of The Selection series by Kiera Cass. [Did you hear it’s getting an adaptation?]

Tree: I really enjoyed being in the 2020 described in Red, White & Royal Blue.

6. A bookish world you would NOT want to visit?

Bree: Let’s say Wilder Girls by Rory Power, because I could not deal with an mysterious illness & island quarantine. [haha?]

Tree: Any book that currently has a pandemic. I read to escape okay!

7. Favorite author to follow on Twitter?

Bree: My favorites are currently Holly Jackson (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder), Rory Power (Wilder Girls), and Emma Lord (Tweet Cute).

Tree: Emma Lord (author of Tweet Cute) has lately become one of my favorites.

8. A bookish craft you’d like to try?

Bree: The next bookish craft I want to try is creating the ‘sprayed edges’ look on a hardcover. Which, I learned, is not actually sprayed when you DIY it?

Tree: I want to make some bookmarks! Or practice lettering some quotes.

9. Something you’d like to practice/get better at?

Bree: I’ve been sketching a lot to work on my people-drawing and to “figure out my art style.”

Tree: I’ve been working on my watercolor skills.

10. How many times has your reading been interrupted by a family member/living mate?

Bree: Honestly, way more than a few times. My boyfriend does not understand the concept of “I’m reading. Please leave me alone.”

Tree: A few times! I mostly read at night when everyone in my family is doing their own thing.

11. Have you bought a book since you’ve been in quarantine? Which & from where? [No? Well, there’s still time…]

Bree: I lasted until the last day of March but then on a high off my binge of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder [review here], I ruined it all. I saw a tweet from Holly Jackson promoting the UK release date of the AGGGTM sequel, Good Girl, Bad Blood [April 20th 2020!] and panic pre-ordered it from Book Depository when I realized that the US edition was at least a year away from publication.

Tree: Yes! I’ve pre-ordered both Time of Our Lives from Once Upon a Time Bookstore & Beach Read from Barnes & Noble.

12. What TV shows/movies have you binged watched?

Bree: Q and I have been binging a lot of American Horror Story [finished Hotel, binged Roanoke, & started Cult], and we’ve made it through most of the Fast and the Furious movie franchise.

Tree: I’ve been rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine with my sister and mom & slowly making my way through New Girl.

13. What other media are you consuming?

Bree: I’ve been watching a lot of instructional sewing videos [learning to sew masks], and I’ve been listening to music and audiobooks constantly. [Here’s my current Spotify playlist, if you’re interested.]

Tree: Lots of music and audiobooks! I’ve really been enjoying Conan Grey’s album Kid Krow and Delta Rae’s new album The Light.

14. Favorite song to wash your hands to?

Bree: Truth Hurts by Lizzo

Tree: Shake it Off by Taylor Swift


Stay safe & thanks for reading!

xoxo, Bree & Tree

19 thoughts on “BOOK TAG: The Quarantine Book Tag [ORIGINAL]”

  1. Fun tag! I had not heard that The Selection is getting an adaptation! That’s so fun! Those books are totally some of my guilty reads, and I’m interested to see what they’re going to do with them! 🙃 I’m also watching B99 right now, and I’m loving it! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! B99 is coming in quarantine-clutch. As for the Selection adaptation, I think they’re planning like 1 movie per book? (If the first goes well.) They’ve only just announced it, so there aren’t too many details yet.

      xx, bree

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ah, I would love to be in Red, White & Royal Blue’s version of 2020 🥺 i thought all the years before this sucked… little did i know that they wouldn’t even compare to how bad 2020 is. and omg, yes!! i would NOT want to be in raxter. whenever i think about how bad this pandemic is, i just think about wilder girls & tell myself that at least people aren’t mutating

    Liked by 1 person

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