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GUIDE TO: Supporting Independent Bookstores

During this pandemic many independent bookstores have been struggling to stay afloat. I know like many of you, I miss going to bookstores and do not want my favorites ones to close. However, I cannot afford to buy books from every independent bookstore I love. Many guides (that I have seen) from publishers on “how to support independent bookstores” focus on supporting them by purchasing items. However, since that might not be possible for you and it is not for me, I wanted to share some ideas that were lower cost. If you are financially able to spend some money, I’ve listed some of those ideas as well.

bookstore 1
The Ripped Bodice; Culver City, CA

I have linked a bunch of independent bookstores etc. here if you want to support them! But, I highly recommend checking out your local independent bookstores and seeing what they are doing. Many are offering free shipping, delivery, or curbside pick up. You can use this link to search for independent bookstores near you!

This is not a comprehensive guide and is what I have done or have seen online. If you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments!

*note all of these promotions and ideas are as of I’m posting this; they all are subject to change; check out your local independent bookstores social media’s for updated information*


  • Follow the store on their social medias and like/comment on/engage/boost their posts
    • I’ve been sharing specific deals that I think my followers would be interested in on my IG stories!
    • Retweet those promotional tweets! I’ve learned about so many independent bookstores that I had never heard of.
    • Raven Bookstore is fab on Twitter& I’ve loved following them even though I’ve never been to their store…
  • Tell people about the stores
    • My mom wanted to buy something for some young family members that have birthdays this month and I told her about Once Upon a Time Bookstore which is a children’s bookstore and has free shipping right now.
      • I then heard my mom telling her friend about the bookstore so word of mouth works!!
    • Tell people who are not in the online book community too! They might not be aware of the promotions that many bookstores are running right now.
      • They also might not have looming physical TBRs and could do with some new books right now
  • Subscribe to the bookstore’s newsletters
bookstore 2
Moe’s Books; Berkeley, CA


  • The obvious one: BUY BOOKS and other products they sell
  • Purchase giftcards for you or friends
  • Shop through Bookshop Org which donates money to independent bookstores when you purchase books through them
  • Support Anderson Bookshop’s GoFundMe
  • Use for your audiobook needs
  • The Raven Bookstore in Lawrence, Kansas has an offer where you can pay for someone else’s shipping costs in case that is a deal breaker for them
  • Donate directly to Save Indie Bookstores or to bookstores directly. (Donate to Vroman’s here)
bookstore 3
Chaucer’s Books; Santa Barbara, CA


  • The Ripped Bodice in LA is selling Romance Care Packages
  • Beach Town Books in San Clemente, California allows you to shop by yourself in their store. Note: I am not sure if this promotion is still going on, but if you are local and are interested, reach out to them.
  • The Book Loft in Ohio is selling mystery boxes
  • Again, I highly recommend checking out what your local bookstores are doing


Header photo is  from Verbatim Books; San Diego, CA

Thanks for reading & please share any

xoxo, Tree

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