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MINI REVIEWS: Kindle Unlimited Reviews [part 2]

The part 2 installment of “Tree tries to read as many KU titles as possible during her two month trial while still trying to read books on her TBR and for her book clubs”

Read part one here & there will be a part three hehe

Ghost (Track, #1)Ghost by Jason Reynolds 
I LOVE JASON REYNOLDS AND HIS WORDS SO MUCH. This is a middle grade novel that follows Castle Crenshaw who is middle school student who is just trying to survive. After beating a kid at a race, he ends up on a track team and his life starts looking up. First of all, I am obsessed with Jason Reynolds writing and if you have not read anything by him you need to fix that. This is my third book of his I’ve read this year and I both want to read the rest of his books like yesterday, but also want to hold off so I can spread out my enjoyment of them. Reynold’s writing is gorgeous. He writes in a way that I can see kids enjoying and laughing at, while still incorporating real and serious issues that kids (and adults) face. He does all of that for the kids, but as an adult you will still enjoy his poetic voice. I eventually will read the rest of this series, but want to save them for a later date. 5/5 stars

Coldhearted BossColdhearted Boss by R.S. Grey
R.S. Grey’s books are just a lot of fun. This book is very farfetched and if you look too closely the plot starts to not make much sense, but I do enjoy reading her books as an escape from reality. I read this in one night and it was enjoyable. I read this in two sittings, and it was an enjoyable read. If you are new to RS Grey this one is a good representation of her style.  4/5 stars




The Guy on the Right (The Underdogs, #1)The Guy on the Right by Kate Stewart
DNF @26%
This was not a bad book but was just not what I was looking for right now. I did not love the author’s writing and with romance if I do not enjoy it in the beginning, I typically will not start enjoying it. Although low key I might pick this one up again? Idk I’m feeling like I want to read another college romance, but this could also be my incoming book slump talking.



The Chase (Briar U, #1)The Chase by Elle Kennedy
Technically this was not a KU titles, but I got it for free on Amazon so I’m including it! I enjoyed this one and see why this series is so beloved, but I did not LOVE it. I enjoyed my time reading it, but I did not feel that this book was anything unique. I liked the characters but felt that it was a bit cliché and unoriginal. I will say that if you have never read a New Adult romance, this is pretty representative of the genre, especially with contemporary romances set at a college. It is a well written romance and I see the series potentially getting better, but I do not see myself reading more from this author. 3/5 stars

Storyteller: 100 Poem LettersStorytellerby Morgan Harper Nichols
This is a poetry collection made up of 100 poems in letter form. It has been awhile since I have connected to a poetry collection, but I felt so much of what Nichols was writing. She is a reassuring voice and presence that we all could use in this life. I picked this one completely on a whim (I think someone posted about it on Bookstagram?) and I am so glad KU had it. 5/5 stars






Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tree

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