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SUMMER SPRINT: Books Worth Rereading

We are huge rereaders here are Words About Words, but as we have become more and more active with the online book community (aka ever growing TBRs, discovering NetGalley, getting ARCs, etc) we have been rereading less. So here are books that we either have reread recently or want to reread in the near(ish) future!


The Selection series by Kiera Cass: REREAD
Technically I read this in 2019, but this was such a big nostalgia read for me that I need to mention it in this post. This reread was a good time and I loved revisiting all the characters (except for the king ecause he’s a big jerk). Also, America and Maxon forever!

The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black: REREAD x3
I have a problem and I’ve acknowledge it many, many times but this is probably my new favorite series. I don’t think I’ve loved a series this much since the first time I read the Percy Jackson series years ago. I picked up the Cruel Prince for the first time in August 2019, and in July 2020, I am on my 4th read through. So yeah, y’all should pick this series up.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo: REREAD
So, I’ve listened to the audiobook for this twice now, and honestly I enjoyed it so much more the second time. I actually felt like I had a full understanding of what was going on (which made it way more enjoyable). So in summation, read the book, then listen to the audiobook.

Zodiac quartet by Romina Russell: REREADING
These are the only space books I have ever enjoyed and that’s probably because their solar system is based on the the zodiac signs and the main character is a Cancer (like me). Also, the characters “read the stars” on the astral plane to see to see omens of  future events. I’m currently on book two of the quartet.

All of Morgan Matson’s books:
Morgan Matson’s books are the quintessential summer reads and I try to reread as many of them as I can each summer. I’m currently sitting at two out of five rereads for this summer, but I’m hoping to squeeze in one or two more. Also, MM6 was just announced! So you know we’re hyped!!
The Unexpected Everything: REREAD
Since You’ve Been Gone: REREAD
Save the Date: WANT TO REREAD
Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour: WANT TO REREAD (again)
Second Chance Summer: WANT TO REREAD (again)

The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine: WANT TO REREAD
This was one of my favorite series in high school and I have been wanting to revisit it for awhile. Basically the MC ends up in a thin-veneered Texas collage town where vampires lurk behind every shadow, and in fact run the town. After getting chased out of the dorms by some bullies, she end up in off campus house with some locals. By proximity she begins to get dragged into the vampire problems that plague the town.

Blood Paint Water by Joy McCullough: WANT TO REREAD
THIS IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK. It’s about Artemisia Gentileschi and her struggle to speak out about her rape in Rome in 1610.  As you go though her story you see all the pieces of herself that she paints into her artworks. It’s also told as prose and chosen imagery truly shines through.

Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka: WANT TO REREAD
We stan Emily & Austin books here at Words About Words. This was their first book and my favorite so far. It’s Romeo & Juliet but the main character is convinced that she’s not in fact Juliet but Rosaline. I.E. the boy finds his one true love AFTER they date the MC. I can’t wait to reread this one, but I want to read their newest book, Time of Our Lives, first.

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett: WANT TO REREAD
This is another summery read and I remember enjoying it. I just don’t remember much else about it. So, I’d like to reread this sometime soon.


The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata: REREAD
So I finished Hands Down and immediately needed to reread this one because I missed Aiden and Vanessa so much. This romance is massive (almost 700 pages) and yet it still goes by so quickly. I’ve read it three times.

Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon: REREAD
So I had to reread this one so I could write my review because I read it super fast and the plot specifics did not stick with me. So I reread it and it was just as good as the first time.

Beach Read by Emily Henry: REREAD
I love books with snarky and fun banter and this one delivers. I reread this one even though I read it earlier this year because I like the vibe. Maybe I just want to be at a lake house in Michigan??? Anyways, I really enjoyed my reread. Check out my review here if you want to see why I loved it so much.

The Winner’s Curse series by Marie Rutkoski: WANT TO REREAD
I have been wanting to reread this series for years and just have not made the time for it. I forget everything that happened at the end, but I really liked book one and two. I just want to reread about the angsty romance and see if this series stands up.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo: WANT TO REREAD
I low key don’t remember anything about this book, but I don’t want to reread it until the sequel is coming out so I don’t have to wait.


Do you have any books you like to reread?

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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