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BLOGTOBER DAY SEVEN: Favorite Reads of October

Happy almost-November! Honestly were as surprised as you are that the month’s already over. Like, where did the days go?? Please let us know.

We consume so many books in a month, that we don’t always get the chance to talk about all of our favorites. So, we’ve decide to set aside a monthly post specifically for talking about our favorite reads that would have otherwise flown under the radar.


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I’m going to talk about the fact that I somehow lured my boyfriend into listening to The Lunar Chronicles with me. So far we’ve finished Cinder and Scarlet, and I’m thoroughly enjoying revisiting Cinder and her crew. (Q is also enjoying the books.) I’m especially excited to get to book 3, because Cress is my favorite character and I love a good Captain Thorne/Iko team up. Also, I vaguely remember…gambling?? I think this series is one of my favorite retellings. (TBH, it probably deserves to be in the top spot for actually being 4 retellings in 1.) I love that it follows the fairytales so loosely and puts it’s own unique sci-fi spin on each. The characters are witty and endearing. Rereading them is weirdly like visiting old friends. It’s probably because I first picked up this series in 2013. I feel old now…


49127718I’ve actually had a decent reading month? Idk why October felt like I wasn’t reading, but looking back on my Goodreads it appears I actually read a lot. But, my favorite (and probably one of my top reads of 2020) is Anxious People by Fredrik Backman. We reviewed A Man Called Ove (check it out here) by him awhile ago and both really liked it. I did not know what to expect from Anxious People but I adored it. It is a hard novel to put into words and follows a bunch of people who on the surface seem like idiots, but are just tying their best. Some of the writing in this is so clever and profound (despite not being overly complex) and it just hit me right in the feels. I definitely see myself rereading this one, trying to see if I missed some foreshadowing and other details.

What have you been reading?

xoxo, Bree & Tree

6 thoughts on “BLOGTOBER DAY SEVEN: Favorite Reads of October”

    1. Honestly, it is so worth the reread. Just squeeze the audiobooks in when you can. They’re well-narrated and since you’ve already read them, you don’t have to follow along as closely. At least, that’s what I’ve been doing lol.

      xx, bree


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