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We found EmmaBooks’ video back in 2018 and have basically run wild with this book tag ever since. This time we matched up literary duos with randomly drawn couples Halloween costumes and then decided if we ripped or shipped the match!

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1.   Calla & Jonah   (The Simple Wild) dressed up as   ghosts   .
RIP/SHIP: We would enjoy seeing this, but doubt either of them would be willing to dress up as a ghost, or even want to.

2.   Jasmine & Ivan   (From Lukov with Love) dressed up as   Jack & Sally   .
RIP/SHIP: They both like to have fun with each other and we can see them going all out with these costumes. We would also love if they did a skating program as these characters. That would be the best. 

3.   Alex & Henry   (Red, White & Royal Blue) dressed up as   crayons   .
RIP/SHIP: We see them (and their crew) being a pack of crayons. Alex: red, Henry: sky blue, June: lavender, Nora: orange, Pez: sparkly pink, Bea: black (Clearly only coordinated minimally.)

4.   Cardan & Jude   (The Folk of the Air) dressed up as   astronaut & alien  .
RIP/SHIP: There is no way they would ever chose to dress up as this, but it would be a fun time for us readers if they were forced to. 

5.   Julian & Emma   (The Dark Artifices) dressed up as   Mario & Peach   .
RIP/SHIPShadowhunters are ~serious people~ and would never partake in something so silly as dressing up as animated characters.

6.   Dre & Yaharia   (Clap When You Land) dressed up as   Barista & drink   .
RIP/SHIP: This would be a cute costume for these teens and we can totally see them rolling up to school in them on Halloween Day. 

7.   Darcy & Elle   (Written in the Stars) dressed up as   Doctor & Nurse   .
RIP/SHIP: This would be Darcy’s idea and Elle would completely misinterpret what Darcy had in mind. Darcy would dress as a sexy doctor and Elle would show up as a kid’s nurse complete with Elmo scrubs and glitter crocs.  

8.   Jasmine & Ashton   (You Had Me At Hola) dressed up as   Dentist & tooth fairy   .
RIP/SHIP: Initially we were going to rip, but when we considered that his son could be a tooth we were sold. (Anyone want to draw this?)

9.   Jo & Emma   (Something to Talk About) dressed up as   Bonnie & Clyde   .
RIP/SHIP: They only dressed up because Avery made them, and it was probably for a party she was throwing. We can definitely see them putting together some wicked costumes though, possibly with the help of the Props Department. 

10.   Katrina & Jas    (Girl Gone Viral) dressed up as   fruit   .
RIP/SHIP: We don’t see them dressing up per se. They would possibly do minimal effort costumes to pass out candy. Something along the lines of a onesie or a graphic T shirt.

11.   Pip & Ravi   (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder) dressed up as   Thing 1 & Thing 2   .
RIP/SHIP: This seems like a costume they could easily pull off while solving a mystery

12.   Blue & Gansey   (The Raven Cycle) dressed up as   Tink & Hook   .
RIP/SHIP: They are ~too cool~ for this costume and would try something a little more out there. 

13.   Rachel & Sana   (Tell Me How You Really Feel) dressed up as   The couple from UP   .
RIP/SHIP: This seems like something they would definitely have fun with. 

14.   Sean & Puck   (The Scorpio Races) dressed up as   Pennywise & the rain jacket kid   .
RIP/SHIP: They are not the type of people who would be putting a lot of effort into costumes when the Scorpio Races are right around the corner. 

15.   Alec & Magnus  (Shadowhunters) dressed up as   Barbie & Ken   .
RIP/SHIP: Anything dramatic is perfect for them. Magnus would 100% dress up as Barbie, Alex would make a dashing, if reluctant, Ken.

16.   Cress & Captain Thorne  (The Lunar Chronicles) dressed up as   Woody & Jessie   .
RIP/SHIP: Honestly, they would probably both have such fun with the costumes. Not to mention each of them having to toy guns (or lasers). We can see them chasing each other around and enacting battle scenes.

17.   Pepper Jack  (Tweet Cute) dressed up as   Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy   .
RIP/SHIP: They would definitely get way too into it and take multiple staged photos with this one. We don’t blame them. It’d be cute AF.

18.   April & Marcus   (Spoiler Alert) dressed up as   Princess Leia & Han Solo   .
RIP/SHIP: April would have blast designing & putting together the costumes. Since this duo is a classic, they would probably end up wearing their costumes to a celebrity party. 

19.   Vanessa & Aiden  (The Wall of Winnipeg & Me) dressed up as   The Incredibles  .
RIP/SHIP: They would wear this costume every year and then when their kids come along they would turn them into matching family costumes. 

20.   Galaxy & Darlington   (Ninth House) dressed up as   Moriticia & Gomez Adams   .
[Not really a couple, but we can see them doing coordinated costumes anyways.]

RIP/SHIP: This is spooky enough for them, but would also look very chic in all black costumes. See photo of Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner for reference. 

Do you agree with our answers? Let us know in the comments!

xoxo, Bre& Tree

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