2020 is almost over! Just one month left to squeeze in all the books we *cough* “forgot” to read. Let the speed reading begin.

We consume so many books in a month, that we don’t always get the chance to talk about all of our favorites. So, we’ve decide to set aside a monthly post specifically for talking about our favorite reads that would have otherwise flown under the radar.


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I read quite a few books this month, but A Bad Day for Sunshine ended up being my favorite of the lot. [Honorable mentions go to Reverie (review here) & Mexican Gothic.] I actually checked out the audiobook for this from my library on impulse. I had see a single solid rating from a friend on Goodreads, and was just like “I should read that too”. Then I managed to binge it in less than a day. I guess you could say I liked it, not that I remember much about the plot?? It’s fine. Sometimes you just enjoy characters too much to absorb the setting around them. This was like that. I really loved Sunshine, and honestly the entire cast of endearingly wacky characters was enjoyable. (No, really. I need waaay more page time with Sunshine’s parents. Or just certain antics explained…like how they rigged Sunshine’s sheriff nomination??) I think this is the first series I’ve intentionally started in a while, and it ended up being a good decision. I’m quite excited for the story to continue in future books (and to have my questions answered!!).


The Marriage Effect (Washington Wolves, #3)November was the month of rereads & romances. I literally read one book that was not a romance or reread (and most of my rereads were romances too). Anyways. I just wanted light stories with the US election & NaNoWriMo stress/business. I reread my fave From Lukov with Love (review) & Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata. I also did my annual reread of The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. I also read All the Boys Aren’t Blue which was such a powerful memoir, but from a pure enjoyment level my favorite read was The Marriage Effect by Karla Sorensen. This is a perfect example of a cheesy cover for a book that is really good. I laughed out loud multiple times & even teared up at one point. Apparently I love a good marriage of convenience trope (with a dash of sports romance) and this novel does it SO well. The ending was a tad cheesy  for me, but the rest was so good it was fine. Thanks to whoever recommended this on Twitter bc I never would have picked it up otherwise.

What have you been reading?

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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