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BLOGMAS DAY ONE: Blogmas Announcement & End of the Year TBR

Happy Blogmas! We are not able to write enough blog posts to do the full 25 days of Blogmas, so instead we are doing The Ten Days of Blogmas! Check out all our past Blogmas posts here.

Today we are sharing our end of the year TBRs. If you’re new here, we are both big mood readers. That means it’s highly unlikely that we will stick to these *optimistically* written lists.


I’m currently at 92 books read and trying to hit triple digits again this year. So I’m trying binge as many audiobooks as I possibly can right now. After I finish the 4 books I’m currently working on, I’m hoping to get around to picking up the ones on this list.

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How the King of Elfhame Learn to Hate Stories (The Folk of the Air #3.5)

I am so mad at myself for not having read this yet. Between work and planning out all our fabulous Blogmas posts, I’ve yet to find the time. I’m hoping to pick it up soon and revisited Elfhame once again.

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Chosen (Slayer book #2)

This is another physical read that I have been putting off due to lack of down time. All the way back in January, I attended one of its book tour stops and met Kiersten White. (She was awesome.) I was totally jazzed to get back into the Buffyverse, but then just never found the time. I’m hoping to get the chance to pick it up before the end of the year.


Blood & Honey (Serpent & Dove book #2)

I barely remember book 1, except for the fact it was a really good fantasy romance, filled with excellent banter and chemistry. I hear book 2 is more of a group adventure, than a duo adventure, and I’m quite excited to see what will happen with that dynamic. I just got the audiobook from my library, so I’m hoping to binge it soon.


At the time I am writing this, I am lowkey in a book slump. Which I’m honestly not worried about, I’ve met a lot of reading goals this year so I’m fine just ~chilling~. But, I mean there are a few books that I would like to finish.

A ​Sky Beyond the Storm (An Ember in the Ashes, #4)A Sky Beyond the Storm (An Ember in the Ashes book #4)

I’ve been following this series since 2015 which is wild. I literally remember where I was when I read it for the first time which is weird. I wrote about all that on Bookstagram in this post, if you want to check  it out. But, I am not emotionally ready for this series to end. I’m rereading book three right now & I had already teared up by page 20. So you can say I am emotionally attached to these characters.

The Idea of You The Idea of You

I do not know what to expect with this romance novel, but I’ve seen plenty of good reviews for it & it is written by a Black woman. All I know about it (and I am not going to read the synopsis before reading lol) is that it follows an older woman who ends up having a fling (or relationship? idk?) with a younger guy in a band who might be based on Harry Styles? Either way, sounds like a fun time.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRueThe Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to read the audiobook or the ebook so I guess whichever of my library holds comes in first will decide that? Either way, I really want to read this one, but am not sure if my brain is ready for a story like this. But, I also really want to read this one since it has been hyped everywhere on the book internet.

What are you reading for the last few weeks of 2020?

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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