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MISC: Tree’s 2020 Reading Stats

So as you may or may not know, I’m in graduate school which means I like data and charts and finding weird patterns in stuff. So I get weirdly excited about my reading spreadsheet and sharing any conclusions I can draw from my reading. 

Here is my post from 2019 in case you’re interested? Idk why you would be? (Also, lol that I used the same header, but just changed the date)

Also, I did not put my Goodreads Year in Books here because it looked weird on my desktop and then I never got around to actually going back to it. I signed up for The Storygraph this year and am hyped because they automatically make charts for you I won’t have to make as many charts in 2021!! 

My reading in 2020 was very romance heavy. My brain could not take super heavy or complicated books and romance was the perfect escapism for the reality of 2020. I also read some really good nonfiction, by choice rather than because I set a challenge to do so (In 2019 I had a goal of reading one nonfiction a month). I took a YA fiction class and read a ton while in that class and then did not pick up much YA after. I discovered I like historical romance and still am a bit shocked about that. I read books that made me think long after I closed them, books that made me tear up, books that made me LOL, and books that I know I’ll revisit. Honestly, not a bad reading year. I also read a lot of books with yellow covers

Here are our top reads of the year, new to us authors, & my most surprising reads which also show a lot about my reading this year. 


Goodreads has me at 170 books, but my personal tracker (aka a spreadsheet) has me at 172, which I think actually should be 173? But, as you will soon see, this is an imperfect process.  

My average rating is 3.9 which is awesome. I know some people like to have a lower average rating, but I DNF’d a lot this year and chose to not rate some books rather than give them a low rating. I also did not rate memoirs, which would probably up my average rating because I read some amazing ones this year. I rated many of those 4 star books at 3.5, but we all know that Goodreads does not allow for half stars. 

2020 reads

*Please note that this is the last time I will post about Harry Potter as I do not want to promote JKR any more than I already have due to her transphobic comments. 

I read 56,041 pages with an average of 331 pages per book. This is pretty low and I actually read more pages in 2019 even though I read five more books this year. 

I DNF’d 15 books this year. Some as early as page 10 and others not until I was 50% of the way in. I love DNFing books, life is too short to read books you are not enjoying. 

I read 34 ARCs (yeah we got to do better about this)

17 books were rereads 

32 of the books I read I hauled in 2020

37 of the books I read this year were on my physical TBR. The sad thing is, I thought this number was GOOD. I really need to get better about my physical TBR. 

I read an average of 14.3 book a month with a max of 21 books in February* and a minimum of 7 in December. 

*I read had to read five books for an assignment in one week. It was a struggle. You can read all about that experience here

2020 books per month


I read 6 books…
by R.S. Grey – This is low key embarrassing because I don’t love her books. They are just a quick fun time and are mostly on Kindle Unlimited. My favorite was His Royal Highness

I read 5 books
by Alyssa Cole –  I adore Alyssa Cole’s books & she made this list last year. My favorite was An Extraordinary Union which is book one of her Loyal League series, I read the entire series this year. 

I read 4 books…
by Jason Reynolds – I will read anything he writes and it is hard to pick a favorite, but his poetry collection For Everyone, hit me in the feels and I ended up buying a copy. 
by KA Tucker – Technically only three different books, but I reread Wild at Heart (review) so I counted it twice hehehe.
 by Talia Hibbert – I adore Talia Hibbert, so this was not a surprise. Take a Hint, Dani Brown (review) was one of my top reads of the year and my fave by her.  
by Mariana Zapata – MZ blessed us with a new book in 2020, Hands Down (mini review) which was so good. But, then I reread three of her books. 

I read 3 books
by Sarah MacLean Brazen & the Beast was my favorite by her! I also have started listening to her podcast in 2021 which has been a lot of fun. 
by Rachel Lynn Solomon – I can’t choose between Today, Tonight, Tomorrow (review) and The Ex Talk and also RLS is one of the sweetest authors!! She follows me on IG and sent me stickers as a thank you for supporting her work and it made me emotional. 
by Chloe Liese – The Bergman Brother series is amazing and keeps getting better.  
by Kennedy Ryan – The Kingmaker was my favorite!! What a good (and super steamy) read. Kennedy Ryan is a FORCE. 
by Olivia Dade – Spoiler Alert (review) was my favorite by her, but dang her books are good. 

64 of the books I read were written by BIPOC authors, which is roughly 37% of my reading. I hope to make this number higher in 2021. 

151 of the books I read were written by women authors (note, I need to do better about reading trans voices and find a way to include this in my spreadsheet)


2020 where did i get the book

This is pretty self-explanatory. Thanks to all the publishers/NetGalley/Edelweiss for all the ARCs I got to read this year! 

2020 format

eBook is so high because my libraries closed due to the pandemic and had to switch to using their elibrary. Also, the eBook/Audiobook & Audiobook/Physical are if I used two different formats for the same book. For The Grace Year, I listened to the audiobook, but read the last 100 pages from the physical book. 

2020 year pub. png

Backlist? What’s that? 

2020 YA

This chart is also not that surprising to me. Every year I seem to read a little less YA and I am okay with that. Also, 26 of those YA titles were for my YA Fiction class, so I would have read even less without the class. 

2020 genres

Again, I am not that surprised with this chart. Romance was my escape from reality this year and I am able to fly through those books. 


Thanks for reading! 

xoxo, Tree 


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    1. Thank you!! I just keep a Google Doc for what I want to track! But, I’m sure you could find one online too. Also, The Storygraph (a site like Goodreads) will give you a bunch of stats which is awesome!

      xoxo, tree

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