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MISC: Bree’s 2020 Reading Stats

I feel like one of my defining personality traits is my drive to ask weird questions and find out unusual tidbits (for later regurgitation). So when I read Tree’s 2019 Reading Stats post, I was absolutely enthralled with the idea of analyzing my own reading data. I instantly created an (ever-expanding) excel sheet with all the things I could think to track for my 2020 reads.

I don’t really know how to feel about most of  of the numbers because I have no previous years to compare it to. There seems to be an even spread between expected and unexpected trends. There’s also  a mix of good and disappointing numbers. Hopefully I’ll do better next (this) year…?

Overall Stats: 142669316_792735451599725_8414472216150539171_n

Wooh! I hit 100 reads! Lol I truly worked (read?) my butt off to get to that nice, even, round number in the last days of 2020. I really did bask in its glory though. Anyways, I’m quite happy with my 4.26 average star rating because clearly I know my own taste in books and only read books I enjoy. I also DNF bad books, so that doesn’t hurt. Most of the other things I tracked were related to the bookish resolution I set at the beginning of the year. (Check out this year’s resolutions here.) I’m okay with the fact that rereads were a quarter of my reads, if only because I know they were all “restricted” to audiobooks. (see format chart lol). I also set a goal to chip away at the backlist books on my TBR, and 38 is a mostly satisfactory number. As in previous years, I strived to utilize my library more often. I consider this goal overly achieved with 71% of my reads being checked out through he Libby app. On the other hand, I apparently read 29 books that I actually own, but I could not tell you which books they happen to be. (Which is probably a bad sign…unless it’s my all my Folk of the Air rereads…? Or…ARCs??)  Statistics* 

*not reliable on this blog.

Random Highlights:

  • I managed to gently coerce my boyfriend, Quinn, into listening to 14 audiobooks with me this year. Mostly fantasy, but a few romances, and 1 horror. I also turned him into a fellow fan of Folk of the Air, but nowhere near my level.
  • I caught up on most of the Cassandra Clare / Shadowhunter books I was behind on, which was a little bit of a feat since each one is quite thick. The only ones I have left are all of Magnus’ ones? IDK why. (Eldest Curses & Bane Chronicles)
  • I just wanted to shout out the two 2020 releases I managed to first read, and then reread this year. They were that good.

Charts & Graphs (!!) :Books Read Per Month (2)

Honestly, not at all surprised by that awful reading slump in June. I was sewing masks and listening to audiobooks all of April and May. Then I bought Animal Crossing: New Horizons at the end of May, and my reading productivity plummeted (and never quite recovered?).

Count of Adult_YA_MG

Really not surprising. I’ve been working on expanding my reading palate over the last few years, and with than I’ve been picking up less YA, and more Adult/NA books. 

Types of Formats Read

I feel like I was surprised at this trend when it first started showing itself in my spread sheet. By the end of 2020, I had accepted it. Over 70% of my reading intake is audiobooks. To be fair, there is nothing better than absolutely binging a good audiobook.

ARC Ratio

I am satisfied with 25%, only because I know I haven’t requested (hardly) anymore ARCs, and my NetGalley ratio is on the upswing. I am aiming to to better this year, and also clear up the rest of my past-date ARCs.

Genre Distribution

This was another surprise. I really did not believe I read this much fantasy. I do think it might be a little inflated by my listens with Q of the Witcher books, and the Folk of the Air series. Not to mention my other listens of the the Folk of the Air books… I did also think I read more romance than that, but maybe it’s an off year.

Publication Year

This is a nice spread, TBH. I knocked a good amount of backlist titles off my TBR this year, and it shows in this pretty pie chart. Also, thanks to all the Witcher novels for all those 90’s dates. (There’s 7 pie slices, they’re just not labeled bc google sheets doesn’t label percentages under 5%.)

I didn’t make a chart for this one, but I also tracked how many books with some form of a LGBTQIA+ rep I read. It was a less than stellar 24 out of 100, so I’m hoping to raise that percentage with this year’s reads.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Bree

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