We’re one month into 2021, and possibly already off the rails on our reading goals. BUT IT’S FINE. There’s still 11 months left to correct it. So, good luck y’all!

We consume so many books in a month, that we don’t always get the chance to talk about all of our favorites. So, we’ve decide to set aside a monthly post specifically for talking about our favorite reads that would have otherwise flown under the radar.



I started the year off with a reread of a 2020 favorite, Sourdough by Robin Sloan. While I thoroughly enjoyed my reread (re-listen?), that is not the book that deserves all my chatter today. (But you can check out the review I wrote last year here.) The book that I absolutely loved this month was Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert. I flew it so fast that I forgot to take notes. Which makes for a really great read, but not quite a lengthy review. I will say I loved how Chloe and Red were both protective, snarky messes. Their back and forth bickering was endearing and quite entertaining. I also loved seeing chronically ill and plus-size reps in the romance genre. I’ve heard rave reviews for the rest of The Brown Sisters series, and I am excited to follow up with each sister. This month, I also happened to finish a weird little graphic novel by the name of Grimoire Noir. I haven’t decided how I actually I feel about the story/plot, but the art was absolutely gorgeous, and 100% worth mentioning.


The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons, #2)

I had a really good reading month in January! I read a lot because in the first few days of the New Year since I was not working and was not leaving my house. So I read a lot LOL. The book I can’t stop thinking about is The Dutch House by Ann Patchett, but I have a full review of that one going up at some point. I read some great nonfiction including The Undocumented Americans Here For It. I highly recommend both. But, the series that gave me so much joy this month and I absolutely flew through is The Bridgerton books. I read books 2-6 this month and can’t wait to read the last two. This series is dated and you can tell, but it is just so much fun and I flew through three of the books in the first three days of the new year. It’s wild to me that I love historical romance so much now, but in 2021 I’m just reading anything that brings me joy and romance is just so fun. Anthony’s book (The Viscount Who Loved Me) is my favorite so far. Once I finish them I’ll be posting a set of mini reviews with all my thoughts.  

What were some of your top reads this month?  

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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