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ROMANCE WEEK: Rip it or Ship it Part 5000

Honestly, we’ve manipulated/altered the original Rip It or Ship It tag so many times, that I think we’re on our 6th(?) iteration. We just have so much fun coming up with new twists and turns. This time we thought we’d be ~of the moment~ and decide whether a literary couple would or wouldn’t be doing a randomly selected activity during quarantine. Then we either “SHIP’d” or “RIP’d” the combination.

SHIP meaning yes they would totally do this
RIP meaning we can’t picture them doing this.

1. In quarantine   Chloe & Red   (Get a Life, Chloe Brown) would    build a fort   
SHIP: Red would build the most comfortable fort for Chloe. It would be full of blankets and fluffy pillows and they would probably watch a movie in there. Smudge (the cat) would also join and take over half of the blankets. 

2. In quarantine   April & Marcus   (Spoiler Alert) would    go on socially distanced hikes   
RIP: Marcus would not force April to exercise (especially after that scene). They also live in the Bay Area (Northern California) which was super locked down at the start of the pandemic, so hiking was not an option. Additionally, Berkeley is very hilly (and therefore awful for exercise lol). 

3. In quarantine   Emma & Jo   (Something to Talk About) would   send snail mail   
SHIP: We totally picture Emma sending Jo these handwritten notes about the most mundane parts of her day. Like, picture messy handwriting on pages ripped out of a notebook. While Jo would respond with short to-the-point messages typed on personalized monogramed stationary. But, she would 100% love Emma’s notes and keep them all in a drawer or something.

4. In quarantine   Alex & Henry   (Red, White & Royal Blue) would    take a cooking class via zoom   
SHIP: Henry would be trying to take it super seriously and basically be the only one doing the work and Alex would be causing chaos in the background. We also head cannon that the rest of the Super Six would be in their quarantine bubble. So Pez would give them matching aprons for the occasion and play his very niche and specific playlist for the moment, while Nora is roasting them all with her colorful commentary about how awful they’re doing. 

5. In quarantine   January & Gus   (Beach Read) would    send care packages   
RIP: First of all, during the book they live next to each other and care packages wouldn’t make sense. Also, this activity seems just a bit too mushy for them. Now, prank packages disguised as care packages? That is something we could see this couple doing.

6. In quarantine   Pip & Ravi   (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder) would    go on zoom coffee dates 
SHIP:  Since they don’t live together (teens y’all) they would have to catch up via zoom. They would probably also do homework together and FaceTime for hours trying to solve mysteries virtually. Maybe they would do virtual escape rooms if they couldn’t find a case to solve?

7. In quarantine   Tiffy & Leon   (The Flatshare) would    bake bread   
SHIP:  Tiffy would immediately get into this and Leon would be reluctant at first. He would eventually switch sides because he enjoys eating all the bread. We also seriously hope that they moved out of their original flat. We both picture it being this tiny thing that is not suitable for any kind of work-from-home situation.

8. In quarantine   Cress & Captain   (The Lunar Chronicles) would    adopt a pet   
SHIP: Initially Thorne would say no, but eventually he would give in (most likely  around month six of quarantine). There is much debate over whether to get a small or a large dog. Eventually they settle on a medium sized one, with which they both become obsessed with and become over-the-top pet parents.

9. In quarantine   Ivan & Jasmine   (From Lukov with Love) would    go on socially distanced walks   
SHIP: They would totally do this since Ivan has a million pets that need to be walked anyways. He would also probably use his horde of animals to assure people were staying 6 feet away from him.

10. In quarantine   Amy & Roger   (Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour) would    have a video game tournament   
SHIP: Roger would start the gaming, but drag Amy into it. Then they would get super competitive and decide to have a tournament to prove who is better.

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