BOOK HAUL: Spring Book Haul

So, this was initially supposed to be an April book haul, but then I ordered a few more books the next month, and a few more the month after that. Now we’re here and it’s a spring book haul. It is lengthier than I care to admit, especially after I did so well keeping my book buying down in 2020. Oh well, old habits die hard and whatnot. Now, on to the books. 

Physical Books:

Most of these books were purchased from the lovely people at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, in San Diego, CA. They were so careful with their packaging & shipping, I couldn’t help becoming a repeat customer. Also, love to support an independent bookstore. 


Home Body by Rupi Kaur

I picked this up because I own Rupi Kaur’s two other collections and really enjoyed them. I haven’t bought a new poetry collection in a while and I’m looking forward to diving into this one. 


The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

This is the only book I sourced from the hated hellbeast conglomerate (you know the one), and it was due to it being self-published with surprisingly limited distribution. But after seeing a raving review of this book cross my Goodreads feed, I had to have it in my possesion…to set it on my TBR stack.


A Bad Day for Sunshine (Sunshine Vicram #1) by Darynda Jones

I listened to this audiobook last year and absolutely loved it! Sunshine is fantastic and I can’t wait to see what happens in book two. I decided I need to own a copy of this book, plus I’m a sucker for a pretty white cover.


Primer by Jennifer Muro, Thomas Krajewski, & Gretel Lusky

I’ve followed the illustrator, Gretel Lusky, on Instagram for a long time. So when I saw they had worked on a graphic novel, I was instantly interested in finding my own copy to oggle at. LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS!! AHH! AND ITS ABOUT ART SUPERPOWERS?? 


This Will Be Funny Someday by Katie Henry (review here)

As another beloved-by-me Katie Henry novel, I of course had to buy myself a copy after I finished consuming my library loan.  It’s now sitting next to its matching hardcover sister, Heretics Anonymous, that I have sitting on my favorites shelf. I also bought it as part of a promotion for Independent Bookstore Day that was doing!


10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston (review here)

I read & loved this book two years ago, and have finally gotten around to purchasing my own copy for my collection!


Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade (review here)
You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria (mini review here)

As some of my favorite reads from 2020, I had to pick up my own copies of these books to add to my growing romance shelf. To be honest, they didn’t even make it that far. They both ended up on my favorites shelf next to my bed.


People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry (Tree’s review here)

I happened to win this book in a Goodreads giveaway. I’m quite excited to read another Emily Henry romance, especially after I loved Beach Read last year.



All Rhodes Lead HereHands Down by Mariana Zapata

When Mariana Zapata semi-surprise drops a new book, you buy it. In Kindle. Immediately. Because you know it’s gonna be awhile until you can get a physical copy, or even longer for an audiobook. #selfpublishingauthorproblems Anyways, Mariana Zapata books are slow-burn crack. Read them.


While this next section is going to seem like one big ad for, I promise it’s not. It’s just the only place I get my audiobooks from anymore, and I listen to a lot of audiobooks. Honestly, it would be really lovely if did sponsor me…


Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

*presses tape recorder* I am a Pippa Fits-Amobi stan. Another fantastic audiobook production by the team at Delecorte Press!! Can’t wait for book 3 to drive me to the edge of my sanity ass well!! (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder review here.)


House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland

I picked this up with a credit from my monthly audiobook subscription on I’d been seeing lot of good things about it on my Goodreads homepage, and the premise drew me in.  Also, I love a creepy/pretty cover.


Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon (Tree’s review here)

I picked this book up on during a sale. I was highly convinced after hearing Tree shout about it all last year that I too, needed to read it.


Act Your Age, Eve Brown (The Brown Sisters #3) by Talia Hibbert (Tree’s review here)

This was the audiobook I picked to receive as part of the promotion had for Independent Bookstore Day! As I have recently finished Dani’s book (The Brown Sisters #2), I’m quite excited to read the final sister’s romance.


Where the Rhythm Takes You by Sarah Dass

I won this audiobook as a part of a giveaway on Twitter! I love the fact that you can gift audiobooks through, which is how I received this one.

What books have you added to your shelves recently?

xoxo, Bree

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