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MINI REVIEWS: Kindle Unlimited Reviews [part 4]

So in part three of my Kindle Unlimited Reviews I said and I quote, “My trial is over so y’all will never have to read another KU mini review/wrap up post from me again!!”. I’m sorry for lying to y’all because here is PART FOUR of Kindle Unlimited Mini Reviews. 

As a full disclosure, I am doing another free trial. I have no idea why KU gave me another free trial. I don’t *love* supporting Amazon, but KU allows me to support indie authors…which is something I like to do. It’s a complicated issue that I don’t have a great answer to. 

Anyways, if you want to read my other KU reviews you can see them here: part one, part two, & part three

The VowThe Vow by D. Rose
TW: grief, death of a parent
Contemporary Romance novella

PLOT: Michaela is in a hard spot financially and Sergio needs to clean up his public image. Michaela’s uncle intervenes and soon they are entering a marriage of convenience!

Look I don’t like romance novellas. Did I know this was a romance novella before I started it? No. I picked this up because I’m a sucker for a marriage of convenience trope and it is hard to do well in modern books. Sadly, I wasn’t really a fan. The best part of MOC (for me) Is the slow burn while two characters figure out what is between them and fall in love. Here it is almost insta love BEFORE THEY GET MARRIED which is quick even for a novella.The emotions were disjointed, and the timeline was all jumpy for such a short story. If this had been a full length novel I think I would have liked it since both characters could have been developed more.

But, if you want a cute short read with low angst, they I maybe would recommend this? The author is a Black woman who (I think) self publishes who I always like to support (especially in romance). I chose to not leave a star rating since novellas are not my vibe.

The Marriage Effect (Washington Wolves, #3)The Marriage Effect by Karla Sorensen
TW: sexism, misogyny, car crash (off page), knee injury (not described in detail), anxiety
Sport Romance

PLOT: Paige and Logan enter a marriage of connivence for their own reasons. 

This was a reread. I read this last year and really loved it there is a sequel series that follows the guy from this novel’s sisters, so I wanted a refresh. It is less than 300 pages and such a quick read. 

I really enjoyed my reread and basically read this in one sitting. My feelings towards this one have not changed and this is a solid marriage of convenience story. I love Paige’s relationship with Logan’s sister and all their antics. I wouldn’t say this novel STANDS OUT but it’s a fun time and I like the sisters a lot.

Get It Right (Love at Knockdown, #1)Get It Right (Love at Knockdown #1) by Skye Kilaen
TW: prison mentions
CW: pregnancy
Contemporary f/f Romance Novella 

PLOT: Finn has just been released from prison and can’t stop thinking about a gorgeous nurse she befriended. One day, they run into each other on the street and start hanging out.


I loved Finn as a main character. She has just got out of prison and is trying to rebuild her life when she runs into the prison nurse she had been crushing on.

This was super cute and I loved the characters. But, since it’s a novella it was way to insta lovey for me and the plot just flew by. There are also a ton of side characters that are mentioned that I could not keep track of. I do think the side characters will be brought into the author’s future work, but in this one, they detracted from the main couple. 

I’m glad I read this one, but I wish it had been a full length novel so we could have explored the characters and their relationship more.

Dare to Live, Dare to Love (Dare to Love, #1)Dare to Live, Dare to Love by Nicole C. Moon
TW: anxiety
Contemporary romance

PLOT: Elle and Dylan were friends in childhood, but when Dylan moved to Europe for college, they lost touch. They randomly run into each other as adults and realize they want to rekindle a friendship, but they don’t really know how. Elle also doesn’t think she is lovable, and Dylan makes a sort of list to show her that everyone is worthy of love.

First of all, this is a self-published debut, so parts of the writing are a bit rough, but I really liked these characters. They both are bisexual and adorable. Dylan is always wearing pink and is shy while Elle is appreciative of her friendships and loves Tangled.

My main issue with it was some of the writing was scattered and didn’t make sense. There is a scene where Elle has to use the restroom, but then it doesn’t seem like she ends up going? Also, this is dual POV (which I liked), but often when we switched POVs, there was a short recap of what happened in the last chapter, which since the characters were together, we don’t need.

I do think I would read another book by this author as this was just a lot of fun. If you want something that will make you smile and you like childhood friends to lovers, you might enjoy this one.

Also, this cover is stunning omg.

Focused (Ward Sisters, #1)Focused by Karla Sorensen
Sports romance

PLOT: Molly and Noah have an awkward past – she tried to seduce him as a minor (he didn’t know she was only 16 when he was 19) and now Noah has transferred to the Washington Wolves, the team where Molly works. When Molly’s boss assigns her to a job that puts her and Noah in direct contact, they both have to come to terms with how they feel.

This one was a mostly fun time and I enjoyed myself enough while reading this, but there were a few throwaway comments that did not sit well with me. There were at least two comments dismissing therapy that I thought were not handled well. The author could have explored the idea of why the MC’s sister did not like therapy in a more nuanced way. But, this book (and I’m assuming series) does not go into much detail about how these sisters were abandoned by their mom and how traumatizing it probably was for them. 

The other comment that bothered me was a comparison to Hitler for something mundane. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it was uncalled for. 

I also would have liked someone to have asked Molly if she was okay with how the documentary ended up. Because it is so cute in theory, but they sort of go behind her back to make it and then it is a surprise which I personally would not have been okay with it so I would have liked Molly to verbalize she was okay with it. 

I am also not sure if I want to continue with the series. But, apparently boo two has two characters who get snowed in together in a cabin so might have to give it a try. 

Thanks for reading! 

If you have any Kindle Unlimited recs, please leave them in the comments! 

Also, if specifically, if you have any basketball romance/rom com recs; please let me know!! I’ve read Kenney Ryan’s Long Shot but it was too serious/angsty for me. (Really good though!!) 

xoxo, tree 

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