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BOOK HAUL: Tree’s Spring-ish 2021 Book Haul


had big hopes to post hauls all last year, but that DID NOT happen. You can see my haul for January 2020 here and February & March 2020 here. But then…I did not post any other haul since. Then I got so far behind that it became overwhelming.

So here I’m going to post some books I have picked up, been sent, and was gifted this spring. These are not all the books I’ve hauled, but I wanted to showcase the books that publishers have sent me (thank you, thank you!) and the ones that I am excited about it.

Also, Bree posted a book haul a little bit ago and her photos are way more gorgeous than mine are!! See her post here.



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At my last bookclub meet up my friend let us look through some books she was unhauling and I took home Three WomenI’ve seen mixed reviews and am not sure when I’ll pick it up, but I’m curious to see what I think. I also won Love at First in a Bookstagram giveaway and loved it. Like one of my top reads of the year. See my review here.


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Bookman is a used bookstore by me and I’ve picked up a few books there this year. They have a large mass market romance section and I love seeing what they have in stock. Nothing like browsing the shelves looking for a treasure.


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From January through March I was an ambassador for The Book Drop which is a monthly subscription service run at an independent bookstore. These are the books I was sent as part of my “Books for Tea” subscription. I recommend you check them out!! I no longer have a rep code, but you can find one on Instagram if you search!


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Look Amazon sucks, but I was gifted a gift card and I picked up these books. The Seven and a Half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle was a bookclub read and I bought it thinking my library hold would not come in on time. And then it came in the day after the book came in the mail. I adored Hana Khan Carries On (see my review here) and I needed a copy. Like I bought it before I even finished reading it. Also, I needed a physical copy of Hood Feminism because I listened to it on audio and it was amazing. I need to go through and underline all the quotes that I want to remember/reflect on.


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Savers is a local thrift shop near me and I have lucked out in their book section lately. I adored How to Fail at Flirting (see my review here) and I was so excited to see this for a good deal! I also collect editions of Pride & Prejudice and this one is GORGEOUS! Brazen & the Beast was a historical I really loved and I can’t wait to read Nothing to See Here.


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Thank you to the publisher for copies of these books! I can’t wait to read them! A Summer to Remember seems like the perfect summer read…80% because summer is in the title. I’ve heard mixed things about Make Up Break Up, but I’m still eager to read it and see what I think! Since taking this photo they have also sent me The Brightest Star in Paris, When Sparks Fly, and Never Fall For Your FiancéeMajor thanks to them!!


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Idk why I took a photo of these two books together, but I was lucky enough to be sent an ARC of We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This (see my review here) and I used a gift card to finally pick up another Mariana Zapata novel. Wait for It is one of my fave MZ novels which I actually ended up rereading this week. It was also one of the first books I reviewed on the blog (see my review here).


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One of my goals for the year is to buy fewer books and when I do buy books, supporting independent bookstores when I preorder books. I encourage you to do the same if you are financially able. If you don’t have any independent bookstores near you or you want a slightly cheaper price, is a solid alternative. People We Meet On Vacation is one of my favorites of the YEAR (see my review here) so I needed a copy. One Last Stop and Honey Girl both feature f/f relationships and I’m hyped for both.


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I loved Forever pub! They have some great romance titles. I loved The Duke Heist (see my mini review here) so much and can’t wait to read How to Survive a ScandalSince the taking of this photo they have also sent me Any Rogue Will Do, West End Earland A Good Duke is Hard to Find. Keep an eye out for these in future historical mini review posts.


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I don’t typically accept review requests from self published authors since I don’t have the time to review a ton of books and since I’m a mood reader actually picking them up is a challenge. I also am always worried I’ll hate it and I don’t want to feel awkward about not liking a book. But, when Elizabeth reached out something about her book spoke to me and I accepted the request. I really loved this collection of creative nonfiction. See my Instagram review here. See the goodreads page of it here.


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This is another used bookstore that I frequent and I have found so much good stuff here. I found a hardcopy of The Governess Games FOR ONE DOLLAR (!!!) and a well loved copy of The Viscount Who Loved Me. I also picked up first two books in the Julia Grey series on two different trips. Now to pick them up and actually read them…


I don’t have photos of them, but I’ve picked up All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata, The Princess Trap by Talia Hibbert, The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare, The Governess Gambit by Erica Ridley, pre – ordered With You Forever by Chloe Liese, and A Lady’s Code of Misconduct by Meredith Duran.

What’s a book you have recently hauled???

xoxo, Tree

11 thoughts on “BOOK HAUL: Tree’s Spring-ish 2021 Book Haul”

    1. I hope you LOVE People We Meet On Vacation!! And I feel you!! I need to stop buying so many books, but I’m powerless in a used bookstore. Maybe a book buying ban needs to be in my future.

      thanks for reading!!!

      xoxo, tree


  1. What a great haul! I’m happy to see you enjoyed Love at First. So far it’s one of my favorites for the year, as well. I won a copy of Three Women but I haven’t read it yet, either. And I LOVE Savers. We don’t have one locally but whenever I travel, I love to stop in if there’s one nearby. I think one of my best hauls ever was from a Savers. A Summer to Remember was a lovely surprise so I hope you enjoy it, and I also enjoyed PWMOV. Happy reading!

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