Hope everyone had a great July! We got to go to the mountains for a few days which was a nice break from life and both read a lot. We also posted a bunch of fun posts last week and if you missed them, they’re linked below. 

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We consume so many books in a month, that we don’t always get the chance to talk about all of our favorites. So, we’ve decide to set aside a monthly post specifically for talking about our favorite reads that would have otherwise flown under the radar.



This month was filled with many good reads. Including, but not limited to, the first 19 volumes of the My Hero Academia manga I binged all month long, and the Heartstopper graphic novels I finally got  around to reading!! I guess you could say July was my binge month for graphic novels. But the book that took me by surprise and kept me hooked was not in fact a graphic novel, but The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. It actually came to me as a recommendation from Tree, and my library happened to have a free copy. It was kismet. The entire vibe of The Inheritance Games reminded me strongly of the movie, Knives Out. This book follows a girl who is named the heiress to an entire multi-billion dollar empire for no apparent reason, displacing 4 beloved grandsons in the process. The only clue to figuring out why lies in the in puzzles, riddles, and codes Tobias Hawthorne (the deceased) left behind. There is a game afoot, but who will be the first to solve it? I honestly can’t wait to pick back up with the story and the characters in book 2, which releases in just over a month on September 7th!!


The Anthropocene Reviewed

July was an interesting reading month. I read a lot of really good books and a few meh ones, but I also felt a reading slump on the horizon and ending up DNFing a ton of books as well. But, my favorite was a John Green’s latest book (and first foray into nonfiction), The Anthropocene Reviewed. This is a collection of essays were Green rates and reviews a variety of things from the Indy 500, Canadian Geese, a variety of art, and more. He is able into weave him history and bits about himself that make this a gorgeous and powerful work that looks at humanity as a whole. It also is the first book I’ve read since the COVID-19 pandemic started that mentions the pandemic which was weird, but also made it very topical and timely. I ended up buying a copy because it was so good and I know I’ll want to reread it in the future. I did listen to the audiobook which John Green reads himself and it was great. I also briefly want to mention Bad Blood by John Carreyrou which was a gripping and intense audiobook that follows the Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos story. It is an 11 hour audiobook and I listened to it in two days which is way faster than I normally listen to audiobooks. 

What were some of your top reads this month?  

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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