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BOOK REVIEW: With You Forever

With You Forever (Bergman Brothers, #4)With You Forever by Chloe Liese
Publication Date: September 14, 2021

Plot: This is the fourth book in the Bergman Brother’s series. We follow Axel Bergman, an autistic artist, and Rooney, Willa (book one’s MC)’s best friend. Rooney has taken medical leave from law school and Willa and Ryder offer her the Bergman’s cabin, reassuring her that no one will be there. When she shows up, Axel Bergman is there, and the cabin is almost unlivable due to a massive renovation that Axel is hiding from his family. The last time Axel and Rooney saw each other was when they kissed during a game of charades. While ignoring their attraction to the other, they realize that they might be able to help each other out.

I’ve read all of the Bergman Brothers books and they just keep getting better and better. I haven’t written a full review of any of them because most of my thoughts are just along the lines of wow this was good, but I figured I would try to write a full review for this one.

See my thoughts on the book one (here) and book three (here). I thought I had written about book two somewhere, but could not find any evidence of that, so here is my Goodreads review.

I will note that I would recommend reading book three before this one since the ending of that novel sets up the beginning of this one perfectly. Just keep in mind book three has some triggers and Liese lists them at the beginning of the book. The first two novels can be read in any order, but Liese’s writing gets better each time so I would suggest reading them in order for the full Bergman Experience.

This series is self published and I highly recommend checking it out if you want to support a self published author!!

Check out Chloe on Instagram here.


  • The cabin setting – In a lot of the books they visit the cabin, but I loved how this one was at the cabin the whole time
    • Although I will say I need a visual of the cabin because they refer to it as “the A frame” but A Frame cabins are rarely big? And the entire Bergman family comes and visits at one point? 
    • Bree can attest that when we were in Big Bear, I looked at every A Frame cabin like “could the entire Bergman family fit in this?”
      • I am a joy to travel with.
  • I love how Rooney loves the Bergman family so much and how they have just sort of taken her into the fold.
    • That charades reveal was excellent. 
  • We have marriage of convenience aka one of my favorite tropes
    • All the tropes in this are so fun. We got grumpy/sunshine! There is only one bed! Meddling neighbors and friends!
  • As always Chloe is writing neurodiverse stories that are just so good.
    • Axel has autism and I loved how this was presented and written (I am not autistic and cannot comment on the rep, but Liese is)
  • I loved seeing Rooney’s experience with chronic illness on page and how it impacts so much of her life, but she tries to hide it.
    • I loved the moment she finally tells Willa
    • I don’t have a chronic illness, but I know a few people who do and the way Liese describes it matches to what a lot of them have shared.
  • Chloe Liese always writes stories where you are rooting so hard for the characters to admit their feelings because their chemistry is so apparent
  • I’m pretty sure I teared up a few times which shows how invested I got in this. 
  • The animals in this are so cute and so are the side characters
    • Honestly I love when the grumpy/sunshine trope has side characters that are witnessing the whole thing.
  • Axel showing his family that he loves them through taking care of the cabin renovation was so cute and made my heart hurt.
    • I think it really shows what his love language is. Because Axel is who he is, he has a hard time vocalizing his love, but he cares for his family by almost bankrupting himself to fix a place that means a lot of them and I loved it so much.
  • Fun Fact: Chloe Liese describes Axel as looking like Ben Barnes and he wears glasses so I mean that should be reason enough to read this one.


  • Honestly I don’t love the titles of this series because I never remember them LOL and this cover isn’t my favorite. Which have nothing to do with the novel!! So read it!!

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who likes contemporary romances. Chloe Liese’s writing just keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait to see how the next Bergman’s story pans out. I think it is Oliver’s story?

5/5 stars

*major thanks to Netgalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review; all thoughts are my own*

xoxo, Tree

6 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: With You Forever”

  1. Aaahhhh lucky you!!! I tried to get a galley but got rejected. I am sooo sooo excited for this book!!!! And this review just makes me want to time travel to the release date so I can read it asap!! Also agree with you on the title and cover 😂😂 I can never remember the names correctly.

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    1. I hope you LOVE IT!! It’s so soft and cozy I can’t believe how each book is better than the last!!

      And LOL with the titles!! They are so tricky for my brain to remember!

      Thanks for reading!

      xoxo, tree

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