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READING CHALLENGE: Taylor Swift Readathon – TBR

We are big Taylor Swift fans here at Words About Words! Did you see the short film announcement yesterday?? 

So when I saw on bookstagram that Mariareadsbooksalot (on Instagram) was hosting a Taylor Swift Readathon I figured I would give it a go! Check out her announcement post here. If you’re on Bookstagram, Maria has a lot of fun templates to use and is doing giveaways. But, also check out her account because it’s great. 

We know I am terrible at TBRs, but these are all books that I’ve been wanting to read for a hot second (and own) so many this will motivate me to finish them. I gave myself some options on some and doubled up with a lot of books to make it more manageable. 

I also am doing NaNoWriMo so who knows what my reading will look like. But, making this post will keep me accountable (hopefully). 

This Readathon started on November 1st and as of this posting I am almost done with one of the books and have started another! 

Taylor Swift – a YA contemporary

I want to try to finally read The Female of the Species. Bree gifted me a copy of this one years ago and has been telling me to read it even longer. 

The Female of the Species

Fearless – a modern retelling

I really want to read Cinderella is Dead but who knows if I will be able to process fantasy books this month. So I am also putting Spies & Prejudice on this list just in case I want something lighter. Which, fun fact: Spies & Prejudice has been on my Goodreads TBR since I was in high school. 

                                     Cinderella Is Dead       Spies and Prejudice

Speak Now – a romance with an illustrated cover

I preordered One Last Stop and was very hyped for it…only for it to sit on my shelves for like four months. But, I am also currently reading Twice Shy which totally fits for this prompt too. See how I don’t still to TBRs???

One Last Stop

Red – a book that intimidate you 

The first repeat, but The Female of the Species. In part because it is an intense read and people say it will rip your heart out, but also because it has been so hyped by a lot of people. 

1989 – a book set in NYC 

The setting of One Last Stop is a subway in NYC so y’all know setting is going to play a part in this book. 

Reputation – a book with a bad ass main characters: 

I will be doing my annual reread of The Scorpio Races in November so I included this one. I’ve started started it and I love it so much. Also, I made an IG aesthetic reel for this book if you want to check it out here

The Scorpio Races

Lover – a book with a pink cover:

Yes, I am including this one again, but One Last Stop

Folklore – a comfort book

You may wonder why I reread The Scorpio Races every year and it’s because the book, specifically the audiobook, is a comfort read. I love listening to this one. Steve West and Fiona Hardingham are phenomenal. 

Evermore – a thriller or murder mystery 

My book club is reading Verity and I need to actually read it. I have no idea what this book is about but I know it’s in the vein of a thriller. (I am almost done with it and it is a RIDE friends; unsure what I think so far)


Will I read any of these? Time will tell. 

Anyways, make sure to stream Red (Taylor’s Version) on November 12. 

xoxo, Tree 


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