BOOK TAG: Bachelor Nation Book Tag [Original]

We watch the Bachelor shows. Tree started watching them right before college and she successfully dragged Bree (and her BF lol) into watching the shows a few years ago. It’s a mess 98% of the time, but honestly is a fun time. Plus Bachelor Nation has some of the best memes.

There has been so much Bachelor content this year that it’s a bit tiring, but we’re hyped to see Michelle’s season because she is awesome.

Also Tree would me remiss if she did not mention her favorite Bachelor Podcast (there was a time she listened to four lol), but Game of Roses looks at The Bachelor etc. as a sport and it is very entertaining.


Answer the questions (feel free to interpret them however you would like & be creative)

Link back to us!

Have Fun!

If you watch any Bachelor shows please feel free to share your thoughts about the show and your faves (or least faves) because it’s always fun to compare notes on such lol.

Final Rose – a book that you want to spend the rest of your life with (or at least the next 2 years so you can keep that ring*!!)

Bree: I’ve read The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black 5 times now since I first picked up The Cruel Prince in late 2019. Basically I would crawl into these books if I could, so yes to the rose!

Tree: I tried to come up with a different answer for this one, but Daisy Jones & the Six. This book. This is just a book that I reread all the time and I have such a deep love for TJR and these characters that it’s just something special to me. The audiobook is a comfort read (even though I cry every time). See my review here that is based on just my first read so I probably should go in and update it at some point.

*Contestants (apparently) have to stay together at least two years to keep the ring, but I could not find a source to confirm this.

First Impression Rose – A book that caught your eye right from the start or you vibed with right away

Bree: When I picked up With the Fire of High by Elizabeth Acevedo I feel like my brain immediately gelled with the writing style. I have never read a book more faster or with greater ease.

Tree: I knew from very early into my read of Beach Read that it was going to be a favorite. I was lucky enough to read an ARC so I got to read it before a lot of the hype. But, this book features a lot of what I love in stories and is one I know I’ll reread forever. See my review here.

Group Date – A book that is the opposite of found family

Bree: ‘Opposite of found family’ makes me think of lost family? So like Addie from The Invisible life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Scwab, who made a deal with the devil to live forever. But now she’s forgotten by everyone she comes in contact with, no matter what she tries.

Tree:  The Dutch House by Ann Patchett the book really focuses on people who are actually related via blood and marriage. Friendship and non familial relationships are barely discussed in this book. See my thoughts here. Since I can’t pass an opportunity to talk about this book, Hana Khan Carries On by Uzma Jalaluddin also is another book I loved this year that looked at family in such an interesting and complex way. See my review here.

Best dressed/ best limo exit – Prettiest book cover or a creative book cover (or both lol)

Bree: I really love the US cover for All the Bad Apples by Moïra Fowley-Doyle. IDK why. It’s just so pleasing to my eyes.

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Tree: I still am not over the cover for You Had Me at Hola. Like it’s SO STUNNNING.


Hometowns – Your favorite Found Family OR A book where a character returns to their roots

Bree: I really love all the warm fuzzies I get from Nick & Charlie finding their real friends (and space for themselves) in the Heartstopper graphic novels. Check out my review of volumes 1-3 here!

Tree: The Marriage Effect features found family in the best way. Paige and Logan have a marriage of convenience and Paige gets an instant family out of the deal. But, Logan’s family is him raising his sisters. So even though they are related by blood he did not have to step up and be their pseudo dad. I love this little family so much and you can see it grow in the books about the sisters. Which I’ve only read two of.

Women & Men Tell All – A book with a lot of gossip (lol your favorite gossipy bitch)

Bree: Okay so, not a gossipy book, but my favorite gossipy bitch is Alex from All the Feels by Olivia Date. (Releasing 11/16!) If you’ve picked up book one in this romance series, Spoiler Alert, he was the leading man’s best friend. BUT NOW HE HAS HIS OWN BOOK!! AND WE GET 400 PAGES OF HIS ANTICS!!

Tree: Could not answer this one with any book besides the iconic, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. This whole book is based on people gossiping about her life.

Bloopers – A book whose humor saved it

Bree: Katie Henry slays me with her humor every book! Her most recent release, This Will Be Funny Someday, even follows a main character who accidentally falls into the college improv scene. So, lots of laughs. Check out my review of This Will Be Funny Someday here.

Tree: I recently read Not the Witch You Wed (out in February 2022) and honestly it was a solid 2.5 star read, but then in the last 50 or so pages there was a Princess Diaries joke that literally made me LOL so much that I bumped it up to a 3 star read.

Most likely to go on Paradise – a side character that you want to see more of OR a character that just creates chaos (in the best or worst way).

Bree: I feel like I would really enjoy seeing Quincy from the Sunshine Vicram series wreaking havoc on the Paradise Beach. I would also love if he got way more page time in future books.

Tree: All the side characters in Red, White & Royal Blue tbh. I would love to see more from Nora, June, and Pez.

Best Parasocial Presence – a book that you picked up because of social media

Bree: I for sure picked up Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin because it was all over my feed with its’ gorgeous cover. Also, I was intrigued by the whole fake marriage trope it has going on.

Tree: So many. I could say Evelyn Hugo again, but I’m going to go with Here For It: Or How to Save Your Soul in America by R. Eric Thomas which is a memoir/essay collection that is so good! I would have never picked it up except for a few people on Bookstagram who shared their love of this book. I also would recommend the audiobook because it was great! I also think the author reads it.

Here “For the Right Reasons*” – A book that follows all the rules

Bree: Might as well end this tag in the same way I started it, with The Folk of the Air series. IDK about rules, but this series was perfection and I just love all the plotting and intertwining foreshadowing. With the amount of people I’ve heard fawning over this series (myself included), it’s definitely doing something right.

Tree: I am going to go with The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood. This book checks so many boxes from grumpy/sunshine, to fake dating, to being based on fanfic… and it seems like even non romance readers are enjoying it which shows that it has mass appeal. See my review here.

*Being there “for the Right Reasons” is the cardinal rule of all the bachelor shows.

Thanks for reading & we did not tag anyone, but Bachelor fans…please tag us in your posts!!

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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