BLOGMAS DAY ONE: Announcement & End of the Year TBRs

Hello! We are doing Blogmas again whoop whoop! We will be posting once a day until Christmas Day. We have a bunch of fun posts planned & we hope y’all enjoy them! Happy Blogmas!!

To start us off, we wanted to share our end of the year TBR here on the off chance that we will actually get to any of them!


At the end of the year I’m usually trying to hit specific number goal by December 31st, but this year I am just aiming to clear some books off on my Current Reads shelf before the end. *cough* I hit that specific number goal back in late September, so now I would just like to finish this year with a solid read and no stress.

49362138. sy475 Honey Girl

This book has been on my current reads shelf for most of this year?? Idk how it happened because I was enjoying it, then it’s plot topics got a little too real for me in my current life state and I had to set it down. I haven’t touched it since April. So, I’d like to finish it this year at least.

54306966When You Get the Chance

For the last two years I’ve managed to get my hands on ARCs of Emma Lord’s books, read them before the end of the year, and review them early the following year. I am hoping to continue that trend again this year. I’ve already started reading When You Get the Chance, and I can say that three chapters in, it already seems like Emma has suffused her entire personality/aesthetic into this book.

56732449The Love Hypothesis

I have heard so many wonderful thing about this book, that I’m quite excited to pick it up (and hopefully end the year on it)! Tree’s review of the book has been dragging in impressive numbers since she posted it, so I can only assume there is a reason behind it lol. Also I love that lilithsaur designed the cover art!!


I’m writing this a week before this post goes live so maybe I’ll have finished some of the books here? Unlikely. Last year I did read 2 of the 3 books I did for my end of the year TBR and read the third in January or something so NOT BAD for a chaos mood reader!!

Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler DynastyEmpire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty

I am currently listening to this 19 part audiobook and need to finish it before my copy is due back at the library. Which I originally thought would be a challenge, but I am going through it very quickly. It’s a very gripping and intense story and I am learning a lot. I would compare it to Bad Blood or Catch & Kill which I also read very quickly.

All In (The Naturals, #3)

All In (The Naturals #3)

I’ve read books two and three this year and I don’t think I’ll get to books 4 and the novella before the end of the year, but I would like to get to book three. It also helps that these are super quick and gripping reads. I actually own a physical copy of this one and will not have to wait for a library loan so I really have no excuse to not pick it up this year.


I am trying to complete the A-Z reading challenge and I need a book for the letter X. This is literally the only reason that I picked this one up. Well that, and that I’ve read a few good reviews. I am just worried it is going to be too young for me. But, the cover is super cute.

Thanks for reading! What books are you hoping to finish off before 2022?

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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