BLOGMAS DAY EIGHT: The Superlative Book Tag

Hello! We’re back with a tag we created last year, The Superlative Book Tag. When we filled it out last time, we used our 2021 reads to answer the prompts. This year we’re back on our BS to do the same thing! But with all our new reads from 2021! Honestly it was quite fun to “sort” all our reads by “traits,” so we’ll likely do it again 2022 Blogmas.


  • Link back to the creators, Tree & Bree @ WordsAboutWords & the original post
  • Interpret the superlatives in anyway you like, or even create your own.
  • Have fun!

BEST DRESSED: Favorite cover art

Bree: I feel like a lot of the books I read this year had either ugly, or unexciting covers. But The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood is totally adorable. I actually followed the artist (@lilithsaur) on twitter, before this. So, I was very excited to see her get a project like this!!


Tree: I think my favorite has to be The Mistletoe Motive by Chloe Liese! Like the colors! The holiday-ness of it! The bookshelf! It’s illustrated by Leni Kauffman who never misses.

The Mistletoe Motive

CUTEST COUPLE: best ship or favorite couple to read about (can be non canon, not together at the end of the book, etc.) 

Bree: I really enjoyed Alex & Lauren from All the Feels! (review here) Their snarky banter and sarcastic verbal battles kept me thoroughly entertained and glued to the page. I also like to give a shoutout to Adam and Olive from The Love Hypothesis. They were also greatly entertaining.

Tree: This is such a hard one to choose since I read so many good romances this year and y’all know I love a cute couple. Everyone is probably tired of me talking about them, but I loved Adam and Olive from The Love Hypothesis (review) so much. I also want to mention Ash and Emma from The Duchess Deal because they were my favorite historical romance couple. 

BIGGEST FLIRT: A book with a good romance / a character that flirts with everyone 

Bree: Oooooooh!! Sunshine Vicram from A Bad Day for Sunshine, is such a snarky little flirt! I love her! It’s all in good fun though, because she been in love with the same man since she was 16…Levi. *cue drama

Tree: Okay I don’t think I have a super flirty character this year (mainly bc I don’t remember details like this). But, a romance that I want to shoutout is People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry (review). I want to mention this one because it features a lot of tropes that I don’t love, but Emily Henry was still able to make me adore this one. 

MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: A five star read 

Bree: My most recent 5 star read was People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry. I very much enjoyed everything about it and binged it super fast.

Tree: My first five star read of the year was The Dutch House (review). 

MOST ATHLETIC: A book that made your brain work out (a book that made you think)

Bree: Definitely The Inheritance Games series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes! I feel like my mind was puzzling things out right along with Avery and the Hawthorne boys. 

Tree: I don’t like complicated or confusing books so I’m going to go with a nonfiction that made me think. One that has stuck with me all year is The Undocumented Americans. If you have not already checked this one out, I highly recommend it. 

MOST LIKELY TO END UP ON A WHEATIES BOX: A book about sports or an athletic character 

Bree: Nick & Charlie from the Heartstopper graphic novels (review here) are both on their school’s rugby team and the team is lowkey central to their meet-cute, so I’m counting it.

Tree: MR. ERIC “BITTY” BITTLE. Okay the real answer is Jack Zimmermann. Both from Check, Please.


Bree: It was less a bore and more a fog of confusion so profound that my brain shut off in response, but The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. And let it be said, this was at least my second read of this book.

Tree: Not including DNFs…because a lot of them were so boring. But, The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner was not my cup of tea and I got bored. 

MOST ALL AROUND: A book that has a little bit of everything 

Bree: The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling!! It has romance, spooky Halloween things, magic(!!), witches, and great snark!! What else could a girl ask for??

Tree: Here For It by R. Eric Thomas is an essay collection that is part memoir that is humorous, serious, and made me think. I highly recommend the audio which Thomas narrates. This was 100% a “Bookstagram made me do it” pick and I am not mad about it. 

BEST SMILE: A charismatic character

Bree: Ooh for sure it has to be Luc O’Donnell from Boyfriend Material! He is such a charmer, even though he is also a big disaster boy. 

Tree: I have to go with Willem De Ruiter from my fave Just One Day. This boy can use his charm to get anything he wants. He got out of a ticket (do French police give out tickets?) by reciting Shakespeare in French. I love him. 

BEST PERSON TO WALK BEHIND: Best undercover/end papers 

Bree: Honestly I read almost exclusively audiobooks and ebooks this year. And if I did purchase any physicals books, they were likely regular edition romance novels lol. (Shoutout to that electric library loan life!!)

Tree: I’ll be real I read mostly ebooks this year and for the ones that I read physically…I don’t remember them. 

CLASS CLOWN: A book that made you laugh / a funny character 

Bree: I out-loud cackled so many times while reading This Will Be Funny Someday by Katie Henry. (review here)

Tree: There is a joke in Check, Please volume two that had me setting the book down and cackling for a longgg minute. Also, I was laughing in the first chapter of The Duchess Deal

BEST PERSONALITY: A book you clicked with 

Bree: This probably says way to much about me, but I really connected with Poppy from People We Meet On Vacation. Looking back I couldn’t tell you what exactly it was, but the only thing I wrote in my GR review upon finishing it was: “I relate to Poppy in so many ways.”

Tree: SO MANY and I’ve mentioned a lot of them in this post. But, I want to shout about Love at First (review) by Kate Clayborn. This is not a romance that will work for everyone (the person who send me my ARC gave it away bc they DNF’d it), but I loved Kate’s lyrical and gorgeous writing and just loved Will and Nora. 

MOST LIKELY TO BE FAMOUS: A book that you would like to see adapted

Bree: I feel like Tweet Cute by Emma Lord would make an extremely cute mini-series/TV show, with like spinoff cookbooks or a some baking thing??

Tree: I would love to see a short mini series of The Charm Offensive


Bree: Nick & Charlie from Heartstopper are definitely rugby dads!

Tree: I need to see Jack and Bitty (from Check, Please) as soccer parents. I mean they would really by hockey parents. I don’t care that I’ve mentioned them before. I WILL MENTION THEM AGAIN. 

MOST LIKELY TO BE BROUGHT HOME: A book you recommend all the time

Bree: Technically I read books 2 & 3 in the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series this year, but earlier this week I definitely surprised gifted a copy of book 1 to my coworker. So?? 

Tree: My most recommended book of the year is 100% The Love Hypothesis which I’m sure is a shock to everyone. 

MOST LIKELY TO SHOW UP AT THE REUNION AND SHOCK EVERYONE: A reread that was better the second time

Bree: I’ve now read Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo three times!! It was definitely better the second time because I actually understood what was going on, and was familiar with all of the dead boy magic frats and things. A random side note: glossaries are highly inaccessible and often found much too late in audiobook format lol. Read three was also fantastic. It was mostly anguish and despair over everybody’s favorite lost boy.

Tree: I reread Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds, but this time I read the graphic novel illustrated by Danica Novogorodoff which added another dimension to an already powerful story. 

CAMERA SHY: A good book with an ugly cover

Bree: I have SO MANY OPTIONS THIS YEAR!! Let’s see, the worst would unfortunately have to be… Lingus by Mariana Zapata. But like, it’s worse if you’ve read the book and know the references??


Tree: The Naturals Series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes was not blessed with good covers. Book one is especially bland. Granted it was published in 2013, but it just does not make me want to pick up the book. 

The Naturals (The Naturals, #1)

Thanks for reading! 

xoxo, Bree & Tree

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3 thoughts on “BLOGMAS DAY EIGHT: The Superlative Book Tag”

  1. This is such a fun tag!! There are not enough days in December because i have been meaning to read The Love Hypothesis and The Mistletoe Motive this year but I didn’t have the time and you made me want to read it even more! Also I SCREAMED when you mentioned Willem De Ruiter from Just One Day!! He was my first book boyfriend and it’s the first time I see a book blog mentioning him and the book and if I wasn’t following your blog, I would just for that reason! Wonderful post 🥰


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